Yassine Chueko salary: How much is Messi’s bodyguard paid?

If you are a fan of Major League Soccer (MLS) and watch games played by Inter Miami FC, you would have noticed by now that a certain man has been following Lionel Messi whenever he’s off the field. His name is Yassine Chueko. This man is Lionel Messi’s bodyguard, and in today’s article, we will take a look at Yassine Chueko salary.

Who is Yassine Chueko?

According to several trusted sources, Chueko was a former United States navy seal. Also, he is said to be a trained mixed martial artiste.

David Beckham, who is the co-owner of the team, recruited Chueko to guard the famed football superstar, Messi. This was after a fan intruded the field and moved towards the player a few weeks ago.

In an effort to ensure no one gets close to the player uninvited, the team decided to hire the service of the well-built ex navy seal.

Whenever Messi plays, you could see his guard right beside the pitch. At some points, you could see him running towards the direction of the player whenever he scores. All these is to prevent him from pitch invaders.

Yassine Chueko salary

The bodyguard’s salary is not immediately known. But there is no doubt he will be on a very lucrative salary, as the club has a good financial outlook.

However, the average salary of a bodyguard in Miami, stands at $70,649.

But when we get the exact figure that Chueko is paid, we will let you know.


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