Yair Netanyahu net worth: How much is the Israeli podcaster and political activist worth?

Yair Netanyahu is the first son of the current Prime Minister of the State of Israel. He is a podcaster and political activist who created and hosts his own podcast show, The Yair Netanyahu Show. Recent revelations in the media indicated that he has been living outside Israel in an expensive apartment. This revelation sparked people’s interest to know Yair Netanyahu net worth. We delve into that, however, in this piece.

Who is Yair Netanyahu?

Yair is the son of the current Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara Netanyahu. He was born in Jerusalem on July 26, 1991. He holds a first degree in International Relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as well as a master’s degree in Governance Studies from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

After completion of High School, Yair served in the Israeli Defense Forces’ spokesperson’s unit before furthering his studies to the university.

He became involved in far right politics, sharing opinions and making hardline comments which often put him the spotlight in Israeli politics. He is involved in a number of controversies and legal issues due to his public and social media pronouncements. It was reported in the past that his father, the Prime Minister, instructed him to stop using social media as his posts evoke tensions in the country.

Yair Netanyahu net worth

The net worth of Yair is not known, at least, as at the time of writing this article. Yair is not known to have worked for a major corporation in or outside Israel. He previously worked as social media director for Shurat HaDin, an Israeli Non Governmental Organization that provides legal services to victims of terrorist attacks.

However, in a March 2021 report which was carried by several Israeli and foreign media, Yair and his father were to reported to have shares in major corporations in the United States. The report was based on findings made by a California-based Israeli academic, Prof. Roy Peled.

The findings indicated that the Netanyahus had shares in Walt Disney Corporation, Electronic Arts and Citadel, a defunct broadcaster. The shares, according to Prof. Peled, were unclaimed shares at the time of the findings.

On a California state database at the time, Benjamin and his son were listed as owning 40 unclaimed Disney shares each, which at prices had worth about $4,760 for each of them, plus another $46 in dividends.

It is however, not known if the shares have now been claimed by Yair and his dad.

Meanwhile, the 32-year-old political activist also created his own podcast program and hosted Israeli politicians to discuss political issues. Currently, there is no information on how much he has so far made from the podcast whose last episode was aired on November 17, 2021.

Why people want to know Yair’s net worth

When the war against Hamas started in early October 2023, thousands of Jews across the world moved back to Israel to help in the war. However, Yair was nowhere to be found. Instead, he chose to live lavishly in an apartment that cost US$5,000 per month in Florida, U.S.

It is this revelation that sparked people’s interest to know Yair Netanyahu net worth, as he is not known to own or be working for any major company.

Source: TimeGist.com


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