Xikpo gets new Chief after 25 years of vacancy.

The chiefs and people of Xikpo in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region have outdoored a new chief after 25 years of experiencing a vacant stool. The colourful coronation event also saw the outdooring of three (3) other elders of the Torgbui Exi Stool including the Agbotadua.

The coronation ceremony saw 26-year-old businessman installed and outdoored as the new Chief, Mr. Joseph Adisenu as his Agbotadua, Mr. Godwin Afesie as Zikpuitor as well as Master Dennis Sekle as the Linguist or Okyeame.

The event was attended by hundreds of citizens and friends of Xikpo from far and near as well as some dignitaries from the area. The ceremony was used to showcase some of the rich cultural values, traditions and potentials of the people of Xikpo as the nation marks the Ghana month in this March, 2024.

According to the Secretary to the Planning Committee, Mr. Freeman Fenuku, the coronation rites were undertaken and supervised by the kingmakers in collaboration with members of the Royal Stool family.

The absence of a Dufia for Xikpo for the past 25 years had retarded the development of the vibrant farming community whose citizens are engaged in vegetable and food crops farming such as okro, tomato, pepper, maize and cassava.

The new Chief and his leaders would subsequently be presented to the Agave Traditional Council for the appropriate recognition and courtesies to be accorded and extended to these new crop of traditional leaders.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Left Wing Chief of the Agave State, Torgbui Lavoe Amusu V, stressed the need for the citizens to support the new leadership to develop the community. He also called for peace and unity in the community, saying these are prerequisites for the total development of Xikpo.

Torgbui Lavoe Amusu V cautioned the new Chief against the sale of lands in the community, explaining that the Agave State lands are family properties which the Dufia has no control over. He urged Torgbui Exi IV to ensure peace and unity among his leaders in particular and the subjects in general in order to realize the development agenda of Xikpo.

Torgbui Exi IV, in his address to the large gathering of citizens and well-wishers, thanked all and sundry who immensely supported his installation, coronation and outdooring rites, events and activities.

He pledged his commitment to the overall development of Xikpo and called for co-operation and support towards the realization of the developmental goals of the community and beyond.

He noted that the task ahead is enormous but with support from his people, victory would not elude them.

Torgbui Exi IV replaced the late Torgbui Exi Akakpo III who was known in private life as Chief Superintendent Andrews Awleshie. Until becoming the new Dufia of Xikpo, Torgbui Exi IV was known by the name, Mr. Hayford Soku.

As part of the coronation and outdooring rites, there was also a general cleaning in the community in addition to a thanksgiving service held on Sunday.

Source: TimeGist.com


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