Winnowing machine: it’s usage, what to consider when buying one.

Winnowing machine is very useful to farmers now a as it saves a lot of time. They are there to help agricultural producers to filter dirt from their farm produce such as grains. However, one may not know how to choose the best machine and how to use it. This guide will help you know how to choose the best machine as well as how to use it

What is a winnowing machine?

A winnowing device is a tool used in agriculture to separate grain from chaff and other unwanted waste. It works by using air currents to sweep away the lighter chaff and dust particles, leaving the heavier grains behind. Winnowing helps farmers in properly cleaning and preparing harvested crops like wheat, rice, and beans for more processing and feeding.

However, there are different types of this machine of which some are;

  • Hand-operated winnowing fans: These are the most basic kind of winnowing device. They are made up of a frame with a connected fan. The fan blasts the chaff away while the grain is placed onto the frame.
  • Animal-driven winnowing  machine: Horses or oxen, for example, provide the mechanical power for these devices. The animals move about while the grain is poured onto a platform, causing the fan to blow the chaff away.
  • Winnowing device with an engine: Engines like diesel or gasoline engines power these machines. They are the most effective kind of winnowing device, and big-scale farming operations often use them.

Consider these when buying a winnowing machine.

Do not just get up, get to the shop and buy the machine without thinking about what it would be used for and where it will be used. You may end up buying a very big and expensive device for a very small grain. Therefore, below are some tips you must consider when planning to buy a winnowing tool.

  • The spending plan: Price points for winnowing equipment might range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Before you go shopping, it’s necessary that you set up a budget to prevent wasting money.
  • The qualities: Some winnowing gears have extra features like a grain hopper or a fan to dry the grain. Although these features can be useful, they also raise the price of the device.
  • Discuss with other farmers: Find out what winnowing equipment local farmers use and recommend by asking them. They can offer you useful details about the various devices and their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Go to a dealer of farm equipment: Visit a farm equipment dealer and request to see a variety of winnowing equipment. This will allow you to see the equipment up close and get a sense of how it works.
  • What kind of grain will you be winnowing? Various separating machines are needed for different types of grain. As a case study, while corn winnowing devices are made to separate corn from chaff, rice winnowing machines are made to separate rice from chaff.
  • The operation’s size: You might only require a small, hand driven winnowing device if you have a small farm. However, you will require a larger, engine-powered winnowing machine if you have a larger farm.

How to use these machines.

  1. Prepare the grain
  2. Fill the hopper
  3. Turn on the machine
  4. Empty the winnowing tray
  5. Repeat steps 2-4: Repeat steps 2-4 until all of the grain has been winnowed.
  6. Check the settings
  7. Clean the machine
  8. Store the machine properly
  9. Regularly conduct maintenance


In conclusion, farmers depend heavily on winnowing machinery when it comes to processing grain. However, before storage or processing, they help in making sure grain is clear of chaff and clean. The grain’s quality improves and diseases and pests are kept from spreading as a result.

Source: TimeGist



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