Will Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce get engage? Here’s what we know

The love story of American singer, Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chief tight end, Travis Kelce appears to be a perfect one, and fans, especially the ‘Swifties’ cannot help but wonder how far this sweet romance can go.

True, the pair’s blossoming romance shows no sign of fading anytime soon, but will the lovebirds get engaged?

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are looking to the future with future milestones in mind.

Since the beginning of this love story in September, the pair have looked smitten whenever they have been captured out in public together.

It is clear that more significant moments could lie ahead for America’s hottest couple.

Importance of family

Swift has been present to show her support for the Kansas City Chiefs star throughout the past months as the Chiefs reached the Super Bowl.

In fact, Swift attended all three postseason matches while her Eras Tour was on a temporary hiatus.

Kelce is feeling the love for the ‘Anti-Hero’ singer and he has welcomed her into his close-knit family.

Sources close to the couple suggest there are ‘many milestones’ still to come.

According to a source, “Travis has never felt more supported by a significant other ever. This is just the beginning for them as a couple and many milestones are coming their way.”

“Taylor and Travis make time for each other because they want to. They both take so much pride in the importance of family and love bringing their families and close-knit circles together.

“They are genuine, honest, loving and forthright with each other across the board. They both continually encourage one another to be the best that they can be.”

Will Kelce propose to Taylor Swift?

The 34-year-old singer is expected to fly in from Japan to watch the game in Las Vegas on February 11, once again affirming her dedication.

Kelce on the other hand, has been publicly supporting Swift, he even announced her new album ‘The Tortured Poets Department’, which is due to be released on April 19.

Reports surfaced about Kelce’s plans to propose in late 2023, which turned out to be premature.
However, it appears that he is falling head over heels for the 14-time Grammy winner.
They have both hinted that they want to get married in the future.

Another source said: “Travis is in love with Taylor and he’s never been happier. Taylor’s feelings are mutual and she is so happy and feels comfortable with Travis.

“She loves that she can be open with their relationship, live her life, and enjoy this special time together.”

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