Why was Zach Bryan arrested twice in just 3 days? Here’s what actually happened.

Country musician, Zach Bryan, was arrested on September 7, 2023 in Vinita, Oklahoma. The 27 year-old U.S Navy veteran was arrested for obstruction of investigation, according to Oklahoma Highway patrol officers. Three days earlier, same Oklahoma police arrested the musician for a traffic offence.

In this article, however, we have discussed into detail why Zach Bryan was arrested twice in a week. Many of the musician’s fans are concerned about the arrests as Bryan is not known for having issues with law enforcement officers.

Why did Zach Bryan get arrested.

In just a week, Bryan ran into trouble with law enforcement officers on two occasions. All the two incidents happened in the same town of Vinita in Craig County.

The first arrest on Sept. 4

According to Bryan, the first arrest happened three days before the second one took place on Thursday, Sept. 7.

Narrating what led to the first incident, the musician said he was driving through the town when police pulled him over. Per his narration, he stopped, and the officer requested for his licence and registration as well as his house address. He complied to the demands but refused to give out his address, saying he felt uncomfortable doing that.

However, the officer became furious and threatened to throw Bryan into jail if he would not give out his home address.

“…around three days ago, I was driving through this small town in Oklahoma, and this is the beginning of all that. And I drove by this cop, I was going 4 or 5 over [the speed limit], he pulled me over…first thing he asked for was licence and registration, and my address and I told him hey man, I don’t feel comfortable giving you my address….so he says if you don’t give me your address, I may have to take you to jail,” Bryan said in a video posted to X (formerly Twitter).


The musician continued that the cop ordered him out of his vehicle and then handcuffed him. However, after back and forth with the officer, he finally gave out the address after which the officer uncuffed and allowed him to go.

The second arrest on Sept. 7

Zach Bryan was arrested the second time on Thursday and briefly spent some hours in the Craig county jail. A mugshot was even taken of him at the facility.

Thursday’s arrest happened when the musician and his bodyguard were heading to Boston, Massachusetts, in separate vehicles. Upon reaching Vinita, the small town where the first arrest occurred, cops pulled over the musician’s bodyguard. And according to the musician, he circled back and packed just behind them. After waiting for 15 minutes, Bryan said he got out of his vehicle to inquire about what was happening. He was then ordered to get back into his car which he failed to oblige.

The cops then arrested him and booked him in the Craig county jail for obstruction of investigation. Jail authorities then took a mugshot of him after which he was released.

“We’re like 40 minutes away, he’s behind me and I see him getting pulled over. I go around the block and I pull back around. And I’m just sitting there, I didn’t get out of the vehicle or anything.

“And like a dumbass, I was like, ‘Take me to f–king jail? What do you mean?’ So I get too lippy with him, he brings me over to his car, and I just didn’t help my situation at all.

“I was in jail for a few hours.  When I got there I kind of lightened up because I cooled off. Everyone was super kind. I was in my jail cell for a while, the “Revival” crooner said in a video.

Aftermath of the arrests

Meanwhile, Bryan blamed all the two incidents on himself. According to him, he acted childish and should have never acted the way he did.

In a separate post on X, Bryan said; “…Emotions got the best of me and I was out of line in the things I said.

“I support law enforcement as much as anyone can, I was just frustrated in the moment, it was unlike me and I apologize. They brought me to jail, and there is a mug shot of me floating around.

“Prayers we can all move on from this and prayers people know I’m just trying the best I can, I love you guys and I am truly sorry to the officers.”


What is obstruction of investigation in US law?

Obstruction of investigation is an act that involves attempt to influence justice or investigations into an incident. In all the 50 states states across the US, obstruction of justice is illegal and punishable. The law is captured in Title 18, Chapter 73 of the United States Code.

Source: TimeGist.com


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