Why Paxton Singleton ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ actor was arrested

Paxton Singleton, a 19-year-old actor popular for his roles on “The Haunting of Hill House” and “Supernatural” was arrested on Friday in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

It was gathered that the actor was arrested for loitering and possessing alcohol as a minor.

Singleton was released on Saturday morning on a $430 bond, but however, he has a court date in one month and the young actor is staying silent regarding the arrest for now.

Paxton Singleton IMDb credits

The actor has also had several small roles on “The Rookie,” “The Resident” and “Chicago Med,” but is mainly known for the Netflix Original.

Singleton’s IMDb credits most notably include all 10 episodes of “The Haunting of Hill House,” in which he plays the younger version of Michiel Huisman’s character Steven Crain.

How fans reacted 

News of Singleton’s arrest has spurred conflicted emotions on the social media, as many people expressed their shock to hear the young actor’s misfortune.

One user questioned his arrest, “Was there an investigation before they arrest???? Or is it just an allegation”.

On the other hand, some users dissed the entertainment industry and its impact on kids and shared, “On The path to fame and fortune In Pedowood. I thought this was a prerequisite.? The evil that pervades our society is getting exposed.”

Another user stated, “That’s what Hollywood does to kids. Oh well same story different kid.”

One user added humor and commented, “Wow, sounds like Paxton Singleton took the ‘haunting’ part of his role a bit too seriously. Guess he figured if you can’t beat the spirits in the house, might as well join them.”

As of now the actor is still silent on the event surrounding his arrest and there are no more details available, hence fans will know more by February after the court hearing.


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