Here’s why Kroy Biermann filed for divorce from Kim Zolciak

Former NFL player, Kroy Biermann, has filed for divorce from his wife of 11 years, Kim Zolciak. The divorce was filed on Thursday, August 24 at an undisclosed court. The reason why Kroy Biermann filed for divorce is what most of the couple’s fans want to know. In this article, however, we’ll tell you just that.

Back in May this year, both Biermann and Zolciak both filed for divorce. But along the way, they called if off in July. They reconciled thereafter.

According to sources that are close to the estranged couple, the couple have been fighting most often in recent weeks. In all these fights, the former NFL player repeated his threat of divorce.

In the most recent fight, Biermann threatened his wife with divorce again, and according to sources, Zolciak dared him to go ahead.

Exactly why Kroy Biermann filed for divorce from Kim Zolciak?

In the divorce filing, Biermann alleged that Zolciak had been physically and emotionally abusive towards him. He also indicated that his wife has been gambling and spending money irresponsibly. He also seeks legal and physical custody of their four children.

Zolciak denied the allegations of abuse, and counter accused Biermann of drug use and infidelity.

In October 2022, the couple’s home faced foreclosure after they failed to repay a $300,000 loan. The couple has also been open about their struggles with debt in the past.

However, it is possible that the financial problems that the couple was facing, and their frequent misunderstandings, contributed to Biermann’s decision to filed for divorce.

Kroy Biermann, aged 37, last played signed for Buffalo Bills. He and the team sealed the deal on August 15, 2006, and on September 2, the team released him. He spent most of his years with the Atlanta Falcons (2008 – 2015).

Kim Zolciak is a television personality and entrepreneur who is eight years older than his husband. She is 45. The couple met at a Dancing Stars Of Atlanta charity event in May 2010. Biermann was a participant in the event, as a player for the Atlanta Falcons.

Exactly a year after they had met, the couple welcomed their first child, a son named Kroy Jagger. Six month later, they couple wed at their Roswell home in northern Fulton County, Georgia.



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