Who was Mohammed Shabir and what is his Cause of death?

There’re many people across the world, especially in the Arab and Muslim countries, who bear the name Mohammed Shabir. However, the person this article is all about, was a politician and academic from the State of Palestine. In this piece, we delve into the personality of Mohammed Shabir and what his cause of death is.

Who was Mohammed Shabir?

Mohammed Shabir was an astute academic who led the Islamic University of Gaza as its President, from 1990 to 2005. He was also an active politician. Shabir, at a point in his political journey, was an inch away from becoming the Prime Minister of the Palestinian state.

Shabir hailed from Khan Younis where he had his basic and secondary education. He managed to stand out in his community despite the many challenges he and his family faced in the Gaza Strip. After graduating with bachelor and master’s degrees, the now-deceased academic pursued a doctoral studies in Microbiology at the Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia.

After graduating with his PhD, Shabir returned to Palestine and lectured in some universities in the Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank.

Politically, Shabir was a genius. He managed to maintain a close relationship with leaders of both Hamas and Fatah. Hamas and Fatah have been rival political parties since time immemorial, but their ultimate goal was, and still is the creation of the State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital.

He was married with six children. His wife once serve as the Deputy Minister of Women’s Affairs in Palestine.

Mohammed Shabir cause of death

On Tuesday, November 4, Mohammed Shabir died at the age of 77, and the cause of his death could either be thermal injury or blast injury or blunt force trauma or shrapnel wounds. This is because, Shabir died in an air strike that was carried out by Israeli warplanes on Khan Yonis. The attack also claimed the lives of his immediate family members.

According to unverified reports, Shabir’s house was targeted in the air raids.

Ibrahim Qusaya and Hassan Zuaiter who played for the national volleyball team of Palestine, were also killed in the airstrike.

Source: TimeGist.com


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