Who is ZayBinSteppin? Net worth, girlfriend, and family

ZayBinSteppin is a 16-year-old Jamaican drill and hip hop rapper. He is from Bronx, New York City where he was born on February 18, 2007. In today’s piece, we’ll delve into the life of ZayBinSteppin, his net worth, family, and his girlfriend.

Who is ZayBinSteppin?

Zay, as indicated earlier, was born and raised in Bronx. His parents are of Jamaican descent, making the rapper a Jamaican national too. He was born on February 18, 2007. Zay was brought to the US by his Jamaican grandmother who moved to Atlanta while he was a child. His parents are said to be in Jamaica still.

ZayBinSteppin started doing music in 2015. He revealed some time ago that he started listening to rappers like the late XXXTentacion, Lil Uzi Vert, and Polo G and got inspired by their works.

The rapper however, began pursuing active music in 2019 at the age of 12. He has since released a number of singles and an album titled “Fly With No Limit” which he released in 2022.

Initially, Zay was obsessed with basketball and wanted to become an NBA player. But he could not pursue that dream for whatever reasons.

He is currently signed to UnitedMasters and Republic Records which is owned by the Universal Music Group.

ZayBinSteppin net worth

The net worth of ZayBinSteppin is estimated between $70k-$500k. The rapper struggles to get streams on various streaming platforms though some of his songs resonate with drill and hip hop lovers.

On Spotify, the rapper has just 7 monthly listeners. And on YouTube, his channel boasts of less than 50 subscribers.

ZayBinSteppin girlfriend

As at the time of writing this article, we can’t confirm if the teenage rapper is dating or not. The rapper keeps information about his personal life private, and because of this, information on who he’s dating or who he dated in the past, remain scarce.

Meanwhile, it’s normal for a 16-year-old teenager like ZayBinSteppin to have a girlfriend. After all, rapper DD Osama, who is also 16 years old, dated internet sensation, Alabama Barker, 17, at a point in time.

ZayBinSteppin family

The rapper’s parents and entire family are from Jamaica. His mum and dad are currently based in that country. However, Zay’s grandmother and great grandmother moved to the US over a decade ago. It was during their relocation that they brought Zay to the US.

Zay has also kept information about his family a secret. He doesn’t often speak about them.

Source: TimeGist.com


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