Who is Rudy Gobert Girlfriend? Here’s what to know

Who is Rudy Gobert girlfriend

“Who is Rudy Gobert girlfriend?” has been a regular question over time from curious fans. As a famous person, people are interested in knowing literally everything about your life. Rudy Gobert is a French professional basketball player for the Minnesota Timberwolves at the national Basketball Association. He has a widely successful career which has garnered him a lot of fame. Therefore in this article, we’ll be discussing our findings on who his girlfriend is.

Rudy Gobert’s relationships

In June 2022, there were rumours of Rudy Gobert and Hannah stockings dating. Though he featured in some of her videos, they never publicly owned up to being in a relationship with each other. There was also a time when Hannah Stockings was seen to have made a flirtatious comment on Rudy Gobert’s post when he won he silver medal with his team in Tokyo.

However on February 21 2024, he announced on instagram that he and his girlfriend Julia Bonilla were expecting a baby. Rudy Gobert is quite active on instagram with over 800 followers. This was a shock to many as over time, Rudy Gobert had been quite private about his personal life. He also received a lot of hearty congratulations on the announcement of the exciting news.

Who is Rudy Gobert’s girlfriend?

From the pregnancy reveal made by Rudy Gobert on instagram, this confirms that his girlfriend is Julia Bonilla. From our findings, we saw that she is also from France. She is co-host and editor of a podcast. Her podcast focuses mainly on lifestyle. On her podcast she gives insights on how to view life from a positive lens and make the best of what you have. From the photo’s she posted, it was seen that she and Rudy Gobert spent Christmas together in Minnesota. A lot of fans were happy with this announcement as a lot of people agree that they look good together. Making their relationship public when the pregnancy was announced was met with a lot of good cheer and hearty congratulations.

So far nobody really knows when the expected due date of the baby is as they’ve chosen to keep that private. Therefore the answer to the question, “who is Rudy Gobert girlfriend” is “Rudy Gobert’s girlfriend is Julia Bonilla”. From this article, we’ve been able to give a general overview of who Rudy Gobert’s girlfriend is and the fact that they are also soon-to-be parents which is going to be a great accomplishment in addition to the many accomplishments they have already.



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