Who is JoJo Siwa Dating?

The question on everyone’s mind is, “Who is JoJo Siwa dating now?” While she is young, Siwa has not shied away from showcasing her relationships publicly.

The 19-year-old multi-talent performer has quickly risen to fame as a singer, dancer, actress, and social media influencer.

Siwa has amassed a massive fanbase of both children and adults alike with her presence. 

In this article, we will delve into the world of JoJo Siwa dating history, addressing the speculation and rumors surrounding the star’s love life. 

JoJo Siwa’s relationship status

In the last episode of her podcast series,  iHeartMedia podcast, JoJo who is a former Nickelodeon star spoke expressively with her podcast guest.

She candidly spoke about her experience with moving in with her two romantic partners at the early age of 17 & 19.

Siwa’s response when the dance moms explained the term “U-haul lesbians” is that she too has been known to move in within the first months of dating.

JoJo Siwa said candidly that,

“I love it when it’s in the honeymoon phase,” the dancer replied. “But then all of a sudden I’m like: ‘Oh my God, I’m 17 and married,’ you know what I mean?

It feels wrong, and it feels like she wasn’t living my life, and I wasn’t living my life. We were only trying to live together. You’re so young, and you have so much to do.”

So it’s obvious JoJo Siwa currently dating two romantic partners.

Rumors Surrounding Her Dating Life

There have been rumors following Siwa’s sexuality as she comes online to give briefs of her relationships.

Finally in January 2021 she summon courage amidst fans’ criticism to declare she’s gay and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

That day she was wearing a rainbow bow which was unlike her and sing along with Lady Gaga’s song “Born this Way”.

She assured the public that this has been one of her best moments and that she has never been this happy before.

A month after her sexuality exposure JoJo showed off her relationship with Kylie Prew in February 2021 as LGBTQ.

Meanwhile, they split in October that same year and we are yet to know who JoJo Siwa is currently dating as of 2024.

Who is JoJo Siwa Dating Now?

19 years of age is too early to start talking about partners or living with them, this is a time she should have sacrificed for a better tomorrow, fans said.

The Nickelodeon star revealed that she was newly seeing someone during an appearance on the Rachel Uncensored podcast, and she shared how happy she is  and that the relationship was exclusive.

Siwa didn’t disclose her new partner at the time, although fans speculated Katie Mills, who she was with in December 2021. 

Things started between JoJo and Avery Cyrus for three months before they split. 

The split is very subtle to start with but then things got tense and JoJo’s mum got involved.

Currently JoJo Siwa dating profile reads single, although rumors have it that she’s pregnant.


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