Who is Gigio Morra wife? Here’s what to know

Who is Gigio Morra wife
Who is Gigio Morra wife? After a person dies, people begin to seem more interested in the details of their lives than even they were alive. Gigio Morra was a renowned Italian actor who was known for acting several roles in TV series such as Un posto al sole.

Unfortunately he died when he was 78 years old. The tragic news of his passing was announced 10 March 2024. He died in Naples, Campania Italy. He was loved dearly

His wife, Lucia Mandarini, who is also an actress announced of his passing on Facebook : “My love has left me with a sweet, gentle man and a great actor, leaving me in the greatest despair.His burial has been slated for 12 March at his home church.

Gigio Morra Career

Gigio Morra made a huge impact in the movie industry that cannot be forgotten in a hurry. He was really good at what he did and his career spanned over 50 years. Safe to say, his life was for the theater.

He acted a number of movies which include ANOTHER WORLD(Luigi 2021)

THE KING OF LAUGHTER(Mario Martone 2021)

PINOCCHIO( Matteo Garrone 2019)

OMICIDIO ALL’ITALIANA(Marcello Macchia 2017)

PERRICLE(Stefano Mordini 2016)

LE VOCI DI DENTRO(Paolo Sorrentino 2014)

TRIS OF WOMEN & NUPITAL CLOTHES (Vincenzo Terracciano 2009)

GOMORRAH (Matteo Garrone 2008)

Who is Gigio Morra Wife

Gigio Morra’s wife is Lucia Mandarini. She’s is an actress and she’s known for known for Le voci di dentro (2014). Since the death of her husband, she has been posting pictures of him on her Facebook profile lamenting about how much she’s missing him and the space he has left behind in her heart.

Three days after his passing, she also posted a picture of Gigio Morra and his grandson and captioned it “ Joe and his grandpa Gigio who adored each other❤️” From the comments so far after his death, it goes to show how much of a amazing person he was and how much space he occupied in people’s lives. Gigio Morra was truly loved by many.

Final Thoughts

From the article, we can see that the answer to the widely asked question “Who is Gigio Morra” has been given. Gigio Morra was married to his heart throb Lucia Mandarini. From her posts and reactions, it shows that the elderly couple had a strong bond between themselves which has definitely left a void in his wife Lucia Mandarini. Hopefully, presence of her children and grandchildren around her will go a long way in offering comfort to her.






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