Where does Lil Mabu go to college? Here’s what we know

Lil Mabu, whose full name is Matthew Peter DeLuca, is a trap and hip hop rapper based in Manhattan, New York. The rapper, who is 18-year-old, started rap music in 2019. Since he’s still a teenager of school-going age, many of his fans ask; “where does Lil Mabu go to college?” They ask this question in an attempt to know if the rapper is in college or not. The answer is however, simple and straight. Lil Mabu attends Emory University which is based in Atlanta.

Who is Lil Mabu?

Lil Mabu was born on April 4, 2005. He was born and raised in Manhattan, New York. The teenage rapper is currently 18 years old. His parents are Jane and Peter DeLuna.

In 2020, his craft began gaining some traction when he released “Miss Me”. Later in 2022, the rapper released “No Snitching” which became a popular song on TikTok at the time. It is believed that the success of the song was what brought Mabu to the limelight. Earlier this month, Lil Mabu released “At What Cost” which is his first song since he entered college.

Since 2019, the rapper collaborated with artistes such as Dusty Locane, DD Osama who’s also a teenager, the late PnB Rock, ZayBinSteppin, Ej Banks, Howiee OO, Kay Flock, Dougie B, DThang, and a few others.

In addition, Mabu is also known for the UK, US, and Ireland chart-topping song, “Mathematical Disrespect” which he released in May this year. Another hit song he boasts of is “Rich Scholar” which he released in June. As at the time of writing this article, the song has over 15 million streams on Spotify alone.

Where does Lil Mabu go to college?

The rapper, in June this year, graduated from Collegiate School, a private all-boys high school in Manhattan.

Currently, Lil Mabu enrols at the Atlanta-based Emory University. He announced this in late August, almost two months after his graduation from high school.

Emory University is a private research university which is owned by Methodist Episcopal Church. It was established in 1836 as Emory College until 1915.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel recently, the rapper talked about his music career and education. According to him, people have questioned his decision to pursue higher education despite the fact that he’s a mainstream rapper whose songs are performing well.

“So here I am, in my dorm room… not that much space…and I don’t think anybody’s done this before, like college student turned mainstream rapper?! But, if any artist and their fanbase can do it, it’s us. …. We’re unstoppable. …,” he said in the video.

Source: TimeGist.com


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