3 Weirdest Fun Facts About Ariana Grande You May Not Know.

Ariana Grande is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the world of music. The singer, songwriter, and actress has been making back-to-back hits since she officially entered the game at a very youthful age. Just as other celebrities, the singer also has some interesting facts about her. In this article, we’ll touch on just three of the weirdest fun facts about Ariana Grande. These are facts you may not have heard or read anywhere before, so get ready.

But who is Ariana Grande at all?

Ariana Grande was born on June 26, 1993, in Boca Raton, Florida. Her mother is Joan Grande, CEO of Hose-McCann Communications and her dad is Edward Butera, a graphic design. She’s of Italian descent. She refers to herself as Italian-American at times.

Grande started her entertainment journey as a cast for various television shows including Nickelodeon’s Victorious show.

The singer’s music journey has seen her won several awards. She won two Grammy Awards; one in 2019 and the other one in 2021. BET and America Music Awards are among the numerous awards she got for her craft.

The God is a woman hitmaker is currently 30 years old. She’s married to Dalton Gomez in a simple wedding event in her house, in 2021.

The late rapper, Mac Miller, was her ex boyfriend.

The 3 weirdest fun facts about Ariana Grande

  1. Obsession with Halloween and horror movies: The singer is said to be obsessed with horror movies and Halloween. According to her mother, Grande, while growing up, could wear Halloween costumes almost every day throughout the year. Also, the singer gets scared watching horror movies. However, this does not deter her from watching them.
  2. Signature ponytail hair: The One Last Time singer is easily identified by her ponytail hair. In 2009, Grande got cast in Victorious, a television show by Nickelodeon. She played Cat Valentine in the TV show. To be able to fit in well, Grande had to dye her natural hair almost every week for a long time. Unfortunately, this damaged her hair.
  3. A crush on Timberlake: At the age of 3, Ariana was crushing on singer Justin Timberlake. Yes, you heard it right. The then little Grande was having a strong feeling of romantic love for someone who was aged 15 at the time. This was at a time Timberlake was already making waves in the music industry.

Source: TimeGist.com

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