Vanity Alpough parents: Who are they?

Vanity Alpough‘s husband is Kendrick Perkins. Even before he started playing basketball professionally, Vanity Alpough was there for Kendrick Perkins. Since high school, they have supported one another and continue to ride together. Although, in this article, we want to do a quick check on Vanity Alpough parents.


Kendrick Perkins’ wife is Vanity Perkins. Despite the fact that his job requires him to move frequently, she is the one who has given him a sense of security. On July 7, 1985, she was born in Port Arthur, Texas, to Thomas and Julie Alpough. After graduating from Bedford’s Middlesex Community College in 2003, she went on to Memorial High School.

She met Kendrick Perkins shortly after graduating from high school. They met in high school and fell in love, despite the fact that he went to a different school.

Vanity married Kendrick Perkins in 2009. They were married on July 25, 2009, in front of 200 guests at the Carlton Woods Country Club in Woodlands, Texas.

Vanity Alpough Parents

Thomas and Julie Alpough welcomed Vanity into the world at Port Arthur, Texas, the United States, where she was born. She was raised with her three brothers, Tevis, Thomas, and Torris. Not much information is available about Vanity Alpough parents at this time.



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