Vanity Alpough net worth 2024

Vanity Alpough is married to former professional basketballer, Kendrick Perkins. She is an entrepreneur and real estate agent from the United States. Despite juggling her roles as a mother and an entrepreneur, she has been a pillar in the athlete’s career. Do you want to know how much fortune Kendrick Perkins’ wife possesses? Check out Vanity Alpough net worth in this article.

Career Highlight

Vanity entered the business world following her husband Kendrick Perkins’ 2018 retirement from the NBA. Her internet business, Vanity Forever, specialised on selling clothing and cosmetics.

In addition, Vanity works as a realtor. She is employed with the Texas-based real estate firm Keller Williams Realty. She has also been operating WinknLink, a dating app, since 2021.

What does Vanity Alpough do, have been the questions posed by netizens. Vanity stated in an interview with, “There were many things I wanted to do, like you were saying, but I just couldn’t do it. You can be traded or anything. I’m from Texas, so I could never leave a business in Boston and think I can run it from Texas. I did open something in Oklahoma, and we got traded, so that’s why I never wanted to do anything like that until he retired, and we were home, and I knew we would be here. I’m looking to open something now. Even going to college, I went to college in Boston, and we got traded, and my credits wouldn’t transfer. It was like a standstill. It’s always a standstill with the NBA.”

Vanity Alpough Net Worth

Vanity Alpough, Kendrick Perkins’ wife net worth is reported to be estimated at $515,000. Her fortune is greatly attributed to her career as a realtor and an entrepreneur. However, Kendrick Perkins net worth is estimated to be around $28 million.



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