Ukraine war: Massive Russian missile strike in Kyiv

Ukraine war: Massive Russian misile strike in Kyiv
Reports have been received on the attack by a massive Russian missile Strike in Kyiv. The consequences of this brazen act of aggression has attracted the attention of many far beyond the borders of Ukraine, sending shockwaves through the global community. In this article, we will delve into the specific details of the attack and its implications.

Details of the attack

On Thursday 21 March, Russia launched its most aggressive missile attack in a while on the city of Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital. This attack left at least 17 people injured which includes a child with four of them reported to be in the hospital.

This attack caused a lot of destruction on infrastructure such as schools, residential buildings, and industrial facilities according to the reports gotten from the officials. It was also reported that debris fell in the Podilsky, Shevchenkivskyi and Sviatoshyn disctricts, leading to a fire outbreak on the roofs of a power transformer.

Ukraine’s Air Force declared successful interception of 31 Russian-launched missiles targeting Kyiv overnight.

On the telegram messaging app, President Volodymr Zelenskyy emphasized on the terror being experienced all through the day. He stated the important role global unity has the potential to play to stop all the unfortunate events in they are being faced with if they are given air defense systems.

Vladimir Putin, president of Russia laid accusations on Kyiv last week of setting attacks to destabilize the presidential election in Russia they has given him another six years to be president. Therefore, he believes they needed to get even with Ukraine for that.

Russia went ahead to state that the target of their attack wasn’t civilians yet over time they have sent missiles and drones to Ukrainian cities and villages in their thousands leaving hundreds of people dead.

On March 20, Ukrainian intelligence sources reported to RFE/RL that a Russian airfield was attack by Ukrainian drones where notorious bombers stay which is situated close to Engels within the Saratov region in an attack carried out by the main Directorate of the military intelligence of Ukraine.

The sources emphasized on anonymity being maintained and they confirmed that targets were being hit by the drones, though they didn’t give specific information of the number of targets that were hit.

Final Thoughts

The level of destruction that is being caused by the Ukraine war calls for international intervention. This intervention is necessary in order to protect innocent civilians and citizens.






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