Who is Twoaym Girlfriend?

Twoaym is a rising star with vibrant energy that gets her competitors jealous, her girlfriend on the other hand is giving everything she should give.

Our rising star hails from Ohio’s capital, Columbus and his tracks combine smooth vocals and seamless beats are captivating.

Also, her music career with “Koolin'” a chill song that blends trap beats and her echoing vocals in 2020.

This was the lead single for her debut album, “Unsolicited,” which came out in February 2021.

Twoaym Early Life

Growing up in south Columbus, Twoaym’s journey into the world of music was classified.

Her mother introduced her to different sounds from an early age, especially tapestry.

Sadly, Twoaym was raised by a single parent, who finds solace and inspiration in the melodies of legendary artists. 

And this here, ignited an unquenchable passion that would and is shaping her future for a better tomorrow.

Basically, Twoaym’s journey from Columbus to the global stage is a show of  maximized talent and passion. 

With each release, her audience’s minds are captured, as she portrays dominance over the hip hop music world.

Furthermore, I can’t say if it’s her smooth vocals, powerful delivery, or captivating lyrics, but then music leaves a lasting impression. 

Twoaym Career Success

Twoaym’s music career started with the single “Koolin” a song blending trap beats and her echoing vocals.

Morealso, this was the lead song for her debut album, “Unsolicited,” which hit the shelves in February 2021.

After a hiatus, Twoaym made a powerful comeback in 2023 with the single “Never Gan.” 

Also, the single was a banger featuring entrancing string sections, which reaffirms  her presence in the industry.

However, it was “Kush Mints” that truly blew everyone’s mind, fans knew a rap had banged. 

The song simply highlighted Twoaym’s smooth rap style over a lovely beat, which proves her strength in the rap scene.

Twoaym’s recent single release features South African rapper Tyson Sybateli, the title is “Clyde,” which also bangs on the internet.

With all of that being said, let’s delve into who Twoaym girlfriend is…

Who is Twoaym Girlfriend 

In a tweet Twoaym made on  December 18, 2023 she stated

“My gf met my sister last night and it went great… anything is possible now “

She concluded this statement on twitter with a laughing emoji and got a lot of fan reaction.

The comment section was bloody as people were criticizing Twoaym and her supposed girlfriend destructively.

People react differently to posts and when they described how terrible her girlfriend looks, it didn’t make me blink.

Twoaym also wrote things like ” she got me sitting here with no wifi like a duck”

I think it’s safe to assume she’s a gay or LGBTQ.


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