Trevor Bauer Parents: Who Are They?

Trevor Bauer has the most loving parents anyone could ask for while he was unable to make decisions for himself, Katty and Warren played a big role in positioning him for today.

The 33 year old baseball pitcher has played for the MLB, Cincinnati Reds And a host of many other teams with exceptional remarks.

However, he became a free agent in 2023 and won the NPB All Star award after the MLB pulled him off because of the accusations against him.

The 32-year-old from North Hollywood, California, has gone from an inconsistent starter to a Cy Young Award winner, to struggling to ply his trade in Japan.

Early Life

Bauer was fascinated about baseball while growing up, his passion made him keep fewer friends while he got bullied by others.

He was born on 17 January, 1991 (33 years) in North Hollywood, California. Bauer won several recognitions during his high school days at Hart High school.

The young pitcher enrolled in university of California, Los Angeles and completed his degree program, in 2010, he won 22- Game Winning Streak and a college world series appearance as sophomores 

Baseball America report states, 

“Bauer has the deepest repertoire of any pitcher in the draft. On his worst days, he still holds 91-93 mph fastball velocity deep into games, and he often tops out at 95-96. He has an exceptional feel for a sharp, downer curveball that rates as plus to plus-plus”


The rumor about Luba and Trevor has spread like wildfire, the duo have been seen exchanging intimate  gestures.

Rachel Luba is an American sports agent and YouTube content creator who is famous for founding Luba sports.

She’s also the youngest female American agent in history. While the rumor about these colleagues might not be true, Trevor Bauer could start up something with her soon.

Trevor Bauer Parents

Trevor Bauer parents, Warren and Kathy paid pitching lessons fee to a private coach, so in his free time, he could practice pitching against the fence of a local tennis court. 

Not much information is disclosed about Kathy perhaps she’s not a socialist, meanwhile, Warren is a chemical engineer who intimated science into baseball.

Warren Bauer graduated from the Colorado School Of Mines Of 

Bauer had few friends in school and experienced bullying because of his obsession for baseball. The Bauer family of four has been very close, showing off recent pictures together.


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