Terry Funk net worth 2023: How much was Terry Funk worth?

Legendary wrestler, Terry Funk, passed away aged 79. His cause of death is still not known. Since Funk was a famous figure, his fans have been searching to know how much he was worth before his passing. So if you are one of those people, then don’t worry, because you will get to know Terry Funk net worth after reading this article.

But who was Terry Funk

Terry Funk was a former professional wrestler from the United States. He was well-known in the wrestling world for both his tenacity and durability. Notably, he was one of the most celebrated wrestlers in history. He was in the profession for over 50 years before he retired officially in 2017.

He was born on June 30, 1944, in Amarillo, Texas. The veteran wrestler started his professional wrestling journey in 1965. He won several championship titles during his hey days. Some of these championships include; ECW World Heavyweight, and the NWA World Heavyweight championships.

Aside wrestling, Funk was also into acting. In fact, he appeared in a total of 17 films and television shows since 1978. The last TV show he appeared in, is the “Blood & Wire: Onita’s FMW” episode of Dark Side of the Ring. That was some two years ago.

He is survived by his two children who are all in their 50s. His wife of 52 years died in 2019, leaving him a widower till his death.

Terry Funk net worth

According to multiple sources on the web, Funk had a net worth of just $1 million. It is obvious he had more than this when he was an active wrestler.

Funk had a successful career and made good money out of it. It is understandable that his net worth is not much.

Source: TimeGist.com


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