Taylor Swift’s alleged impact on politics: See what Jason Whitlock has to say

Popular commentator Jason Whitlock has shared his two cents about the idea of Taylor Swift’s impact on the upcoming presidential election.

According to the right-wing commentator, Swift’s impact on the upcoming presidential election is nothing more than a manifestation of what he terms “Taylor Swift Derangement Syndrome.”

A bigger picture

On his show, “Fearless with Jason Whitlock,” the former football player turned sports columnist and podcaster expressed skepticism about Swift’s ability to sway voters.

According to him, “I’m trying to give you a bigger picture understanding of what’s really going on with Taylor Swift.”

Whitlock is a host of a program for the conservative media company Blaze Media.

He didn’t mince words when sharing his views on Swift.

“We’ve got to come out of Taylor Swift derangement syndrome because that’s what’s going on. Taylor derangement syndrome. You’ve been tricked into it.
It’s making you look bad. It’s making conservatives look bad. It’s making Christians like me look bad.
“Am I a Taylor Swift fan? No. Do I get she’s a feminist tool and harmful? Yes. She will have no impact on the presidential election. Quit connecting her to the presidential election.”

He further urged fans not to link a potential Chiefs Super Bowl win to any political gain, dismissing the notion that it could influence the political landscape.

In his words, “Nobody in the NFL cares whether the 49ers or the Chiefs win this Super Bowl, the Chiefs, if they win, because of Taylor Swift, it’s not going to provide Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsom or Joe Biden one percentage point. I don’t even know if it’ll provide them a vote.
“But if they can go to voters and say “look at these conservative hypocrites. Look at how deranged and silly they are. They hate Taylor Swift because she’s fallen in love or pretending to fall in love with a football player and these idiots think that if the Chiefs win the Super Bowl, somehow that’s a victory for Joe Biden and the left”.

“Don’t do it. Don’t give them that ammo,” he warned.

Swift is against Trump’s politics

Taylor Swift has a very private stance on politics, but her critical views of Donald Trump have been known.

Whitlock’s dismissal of the singer’s potential political impact comes in the wake of a Redfield & Wilton Strategies poll.

That poll discovered that 18% of voters are ‘more likely’ or ‘significantly more likely’ to vote for a candidate endorsed by the popstar.

Swift’s significant influence on popular culture, coupled with her relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce, raises questions about her potential impact on the race to the White House, especially with 41 million Gen Z voters preparing to cast their votes this year.

While Whitlock’s skepticism persists, the upcoming Super Bowl, where Swift and Kelce will be in the limelight, adds an intriguing layer to the discussion.

Swift’s global success, including her hit Eras Tour and being named Time magazine’s’Person of the Year,’ amplifies her presence on the cultural stage.


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