House of Cards lawsuit: Kevin Spacey agrees to $1million settlement

House of Cards lawsuit: Kevin Spacey agrees to $1million settlement

Kevin Spacey Fowler is an American actor, born on July 26, 1959, in South Orange, New Jersey, United States.

The 64-year-old reprised the role of Frank Underwood on the Netflix series for five seasons.

Unfortunately, he was dropped from its final season in 2017, following claims that he had sexually harassed young male staffers on the show.

Spacey was slammed with a civil lawsuit from MRC, the production company responsible for making the series, who had attempted to recoup its losses for scrapping the final season after deciding to re-shoot without him.

Now, the star has agreed to pay $1million in a settlement to close the lawsuit brought against him.

They initially had claimed $31m in damages, but Spacey has agreed to pay $1m over multiple years in instalments equal to 10 per cent of his after-tax income and provide his medical records.

Cast insurance policies

MRC is still chasing the money they have lost by suing its insurance company. As part of the agreement, the TV star will cooperate in helping them trying to recoup their costs.

Back in April 2022, MRC had sue Fireman’s Fund and Lloyd’s of London.

They claimed that Spacey’s absence from the show was covered by their cast insurance policies.

This policies are taken out to protect companies in the event that an actor becomes too sick to work.

In this case, MRC noted that shortly after Spacey’s alleged misconduct became public knowledge, he checked himself into the Meadows, a facility that provides treatment for sex addiction.

The company has argued that qualifies as a sickness that can trigger the policies.

However, Judge Mark Epstein has twice thrown out MRC’s insurance lawsuit as he stated the contracts “were not meant to cover this sort of claim.”

Kevin Spacey now

Spacey was acquitted of sexual assault charges by a jury in the UK.

This happened in July 2023.

As we speak, Spacey is beginning to put his career back together.

He is set to play a morally bankrupt assassin in the thriller ‘Peter Five Eight’.

This marks the actor’s first leading role since a major career collapse.

Spacey received a standing ovation in October 2023 when he made a surprise appearance at a University of Oxford lecture where he performed a scene from William Shakespeare’s ‘Timon of Athens.’