Suicide: Alec Musser cause of death revealed

Suicide: Alec Musser cause of death revealed

The untimely death of popular American model and actor Alec Musser, who passed at the age of 50, has been revealed as a tragic suicide.

The All My Children star, was found dead by his fiancée Paige Press, on Saturday in his home in Del Mar, California.

Press, after going to bed on Friday night, discovered Musser on the bathroom floor the following morning. A shotgun was spotted near him.

Press immediately called 911, but the authorities arrived too late to intervene.

The San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office while shedding light on the circumstances surrounding his death revealed that Musser died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest.

Paige’s vow

The cause of Musser’s death was kept away from the public for a few days.
Press and Musser’s uncle, Robert, confirmed the actor’s sudden demise, but they never provided any details.

Paige Press took to Instagram to share her devastation.
She expressed that it was the worst day of her life and vowed never take off her engagement ring.

Anyone in her situation would surely feel the same way, Musser and Press had become engaged the previous year after six years of dating.

Musser, a former model who transitioned into acting at the age of 31, gained prominence as Del Henry in the iconic soap opera “All My Children” after winning the second season of the SOAPnet original series “I Wanna Be a Soap Star” in 2005.

He featured in 43 episodes between 2005 and 2007.

When his soap opera days came to an end, the New York native found success in various TV series, including “Desperate Housewives,” “Rita Rocks,” and “Road to the Altar.”

In 2010, Musser secured a role in the Adam Sandler-led film “Grown Ups”.

Musser has connects more with his fans through his social media. He frequently shares updates about his passions for skiing, surfing, his family, and his dogs.

Reports of his tragic demise took the internet by surprise and has prompted an outpour of condolences from colleagues and fans.

Adam Sandler on Instagram expressed deep sadness over the loss of a “wonderful, funny good man”.

Alec Musser cause of death: Here’s how the ‘All My Children’ actor died

Alec Musser cause of death: Here’s how the 'All My Children' actor died

Alec Musser, an actor and model best known for his role on the soap opera “All My Children,” has been confirmed dead at age 50.

Musser died Saturday at his home in Del Mar, California, The news was brought to public notice by the actor’s partner and model, Paige Press. A cause of death was not given.

Press however told Fox News that Musser was suffering from a “severe case” of COVID-19 prior to his death.

Musser was popular for his work on shows like ‘I Wanna Be a Soap Star’ and ‘All My Children’, as well as in films such as the comedy ‘Big Kids’.

So far the cause of death has not been confirmed, but it will surely be revealed in the coming days.

The actor died at his own home in the Californian city of Del Mar on Saturday, January 12.

Press also shared a farewell message on social media, dedicating some beautiful words to her former partner.

Who is Alec Musser

Alec Musser is an American actor and fitness model born on April 11, 1973, in New York, the United States.

Musser is best known for appearances in the shows ‘I Wanna Be A Soup Star’ and ‘All My Children’.

Musser starred as Del Henry on ABC’s “All My Children” from 2005 to 2007, earning the role after he won the second season of the reality-competition series ‘I Wanna Be A Soup Star’ in 2005. Following his stint on the long-running soap opera, Musser guest-starred on the network’s dramedy “Desperate Housewives” in 2011.

Musser was also seen on the big screen with appearances in “Road to the Altar” in 2009 and the Adam Sandler-led “Grown Ups” in 2010.

Raised on the East Coast in New Jersey and Connecticut, Musser attended the Westminster School before moving to San Diego.
There, he attended the University of San Diego.

Sandler paid tribute to Musser on Instagram Saturday, sharing a photo of Musser’s character Water Park Stud.

“I loved this guy. Cannot believe he is gone. Such a wonderful, funny good man,” Sandler wrote. “Thinking of Alec Musser and his family and sending all my love. A true great sweetheart of a person.”

The promise

Press shared a message on her Instagram, noting that Musser’s passing was the hardest day of her life.

“RIP to the love of my life,” she wrote in a series of posts. “I will never stop loving you. My heart is broken.

“Today is the worst day of my life. We were so happy. You were the best fiancée I could have ever asked for.”

It wasn’t long before the news went viral on social media where several users have wanted to say their last goodbye to the actor.

Likewise, many well-known personalities offered their last words to Musser, one of them being Adam Sandler.
“I loved this guy. Cannot believe he is gone. Such a wonderful, funny good man. Thinking of him and his family and sending all my love. A true great sweetheart of a person,” wrote Sandler.