Surya Kiran Cause Of Death : Here’s What To Know

In a shocking turn of events, the popular Tollywood director Surya Kiran has died and the cause of death is suspected to be ill health.

Hailing from Chennai but with roots in Thiruvananthapuram, our star started early in the showbiz game. Probably, you might have seen him as the little artist in ‘Snehikkan Oru Pennu’ (1978). 

Yeah, that’s our ‘Master’ Suresh! 

Brace yourself, he also rocked the scenes in about 200 Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam movies, including the iconic ‘My Dear Kuttichathan,’ India’s first 3D film.

If you dive into the ’80s, you’ll find him stealing hearts in Tamil hits like

  1. Kallukkul Eeram (1980)
  2. Kadal Meengal (1981)
  3. Mouna Geethangal (1983)
  4. Mundhanai Mudichu (1983)
  5. Mangamma Sabadham (1985)
  6. Manithan (1987)

Oh, he didn’t stop there – Telugu cinema felt his magic too with ‘Swayam Krushi’ (1987) and ‘Khaidi No 786’ (1987).

From a child artist to a scene-stealer, our ‘Master’ Suresh left an indelible mark on the world of cinema.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and celebrate the journey of his versatile talent.

From Child Actor to Directorial Triumph! 

As we stated earlier, Surya Kiran graced the screen in numerous childhood roles before making the leap to directing. 

The popular actor marked his directorial hit “Satyam” with actor Sumanth, this particular movie propelled both him and Sumanth into the spotlight in India’s movie industry. 

You can check out the thrilling Satyam movie here! 

However, Surya Kiran cause of death is saddening and his journey in the movie industry had its highs and lows. 

Surya Kiran’s Love Life Separation, and Struggles. 

Behind the scenes, Kiran’s personal life was marked by love, marriage to actress Kalyani, and eventual separation. 

Friends revealed he grappled with depression, stemming from the challenges in his marriage and his directorial career not reaching the expected heights.

Despite appearing on “Bigg Boss” and trying his hand at production, Kiran faced setbacks and whatever his cause of death is, he didn’t deserve to die. 

His venture into film production resulted in significant financial losses, forcing him to sell off all his properties.

Surya Kiran Cause of Death 

Reports suggest he battled jaundice for years, this illness ultimately led to his death at the age of 49, on Monday, 11 March, 2024 on a hospital bed in Chennai. 

Although there have been conflicting accounts stating his unexpected death was either due to a heart attack during treatment, or damage to his liver because of his excessive alcoholic habit. 

However, one thing is certain, Surya Kiran cause of death can’t dismiss the fact that he will be missed by his family, friends and fans.

Reactions to the Cause of Death of Surya Kiran

Surya Kiran cause of death, shrouded in mystery and left the industry in shock. 

The Tollywood community mourns the loss of a talented director whose journey was marked by triumphs, setbacks, and untold struggles.


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