Steve Wright net worth: How much was he worth?

Steve Wright reached a lot significant milestones throughout his broadcasting journey, from starting a radio program at his high school to his breakthrough at BBC Radio 1 and subsequent shows at other stations. How much did his career fetch him? We will delve into Steve Wright net worth in this article.

Steve Wright Career

In Reading, Berkshire, Steve Wright began his broadcast career in 1976 at Thames Valley Radio, Radio 210. At Radio Luxembourg, where he had his own nightly show in 1979, Wright earned his big break.

Before switching to Saturday mornings later that year, Wright began working for BBC Radio 1 on January 5, 1980, taking over a Saturday evening role.

In 1981, Wright shifted to daytime radio with Steve Wright in the Afternoon, and he went on to bring the zoo format to the United Kingdom.

The Radio 1 Breakfast Show was where Wright and his Posse relocated in 1994. Falling ratings and disagreements with BBC Radio 1 management led to his resignation from the Breakfast Show in 1995. Approximately at this same period, a few of the more well-known DJs left or were fired.

In 1995, Wright was hired by the brand-new Talk Radio station to host a Saturday morning show.

On January 5, 1999, Wright began hosting Wright Around The World, a one-hour broadcast, for the BBC World Service. Up until the last performance on October 25, 2003, this presentation took place every Saturday afternoon. As a result, he began hosting shows on BBC Radio seven days a week.

Steve Wright Net Worth

Wright reportedly made £440,000 a year at Radio 2 in 2006. With a salary ranging from £465,000 to £469,000 in 2018–2019, Wright was the seventh highest paid presenter at the BBC. But in an attempt to bring his remuneration in line with that of women, he had accepted a reduction of £85,000 from the previous year.

According to a 2018 government filing, Wright received a salary of £550,000 year, or $726,000. When he passed away, his entire net worth was $6 million.



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