Steinar Bastesen net worth: How much was he worth?

Steinar Bastesen worked as a politician, fisherman, and whaler in Norway. It was mentioned that, running as an independent, he was first elected to the Norwegian Storting in 1997. But in 1999, he rebelled and started the Coastal Party (Kystpartiet). Born on March 26, 1945, Steinar Bastesen was 78 years old when he passed away on February 18, 2024. How much was he worth prior to his death. This aticle investigates Steinar Bastesen net worth.

Who was Steinar Bastesen?

Steinar Bastesen is a politician from Norway who was born on March 26, 1945. Former whaler and fisherman Bastesen was first elected as an independent to the Norwegian Storting in 1997. He was part in the formation of the Norwegian political party Kystpartiet, also known as the Coastal Party, in 1999.

He led this party from 1999 to March 2005, when he was compelled to step down due to internal conflicts among the members. Bastesen remained a member of the Storting until the election of 2005.

Fisherman Ingvart Meyer Bastesen and housewife Karly Edvarda, welcomed Bastesen into the world in Dønna. At the age of eight, he went whaling for the first time. In 1971, he purchased his first whaler ship.

Primarily renowned for his fervent support of whaling, Bastesen frequently made appearances on television or at events with a seal-fur vest, a move that sparked controversy, particularly overseas.

His vest was seized in 1994 while he was visiting a trade show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for violating American import rules pertaining to whaling items. However, it was mailed back to him two years later.

In an interview with NRK in 1997, Canadian anti-whaling activist Paul Watson stated that Bastesen had threatened to murder him. Bastesen filed a lawsuit against NRK for defaming his reputation by airing the interview after vigorously refuting the accusation. Watson’s accusation was deemed to be of journalistic interest by the appeal court in 2002, despite Bastesen’s victory in the Oslo District Court.

Steinar Bastesen Net Worth

According to online sources, Steinar Bastesen net worth was estimated at $850,000 prior to his death.



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