Steinar Bastesen children: Does he have offsprings?

Steinar Bastesen was a Norwegian politician, who was also known as a whaler and fisherman. He was an absolute leader to emulate up until his demise on 18 February 2024. Did the late politician have any children before his passing? This article focuses on Steinar Bastesen children.

Early Life

Fisherman Ingvart Meyer Bastesen and housewife Karly Edvarda, welcomed Steinar Bastesen into the world in Dønna. In 1953, at the age of eight, he took part in whaling for the first time with his father.

In 1971, at the age of 26, he purchased his own whaler ship. He later received an award by the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue for his efforts to save lives aboard a sunken ship during a violent storm while operating a whaler ship.

Bastesen began to actively participate in local politics and business in the late 1970s. He later held elected positions in Norges Råfisklag, an organisation that sold fish, and Norges Fiskarlag, an association that represented fisherman in Norway.

He resigned as party head in 2005 due to internal strife, and in 2008 he was kicked out of the party completely.

Steinar Bastesen Children

Information regarding whether or not Steinar Bastesen had children is lacking. Specifically, he might rather keep this a secret from the internet. Also regarding his prior marriages, no information is available. He also never made this information publicly known.



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