Sofia Vergara shows off her stunning $26 million mansion

Sofía Margarita Vergara is a Colombian and American actress and television personality, born on July 10, 1972, in Atlantico, Colombia.

She is most known for her role as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in the ABC sitcom Modern Family.

That role earned her four Golden Globe Awards and four Primetime Emmy Awards nominations. Not just that, the role established her as one of the highest-paid actresses in America.

Now, Sofia Vergara is the celebrity of the moment thanks to her recently released series, ‘Griselda’, which has taken Netflix by storm.

Hence, in a recent visit she received from Architectural Digest, the actress took her time to talk about the mansion she lives in, which is worth over $26 million.

Located in Beverly Park, a luxury gated community in Los Angeles (California, United States), the property was designed to the taste of the actress from Barranquilla and with the work of interior designer Ohara Davies-Gaetano.

There were many changes and adaptations.
This is because she had complained that it looked like a “Transylvanian castle”.

But now it looks like a luxury hotel.

With different styles in the rooms, common areas, living rooms, patios and the extensive garden itself, it was possible to see in detail what the Colombian has in her home, both for guests and for her privacy.

Inside Sofia Vergara’s Los Angeles mansion

In the video, Vergara is captured opening the door to the grand house.

She started the tour showing off her favourite places such as the main dining room and the large kitchen.

Although she says that in Colombia many people share moments and visit in the kitchen, she has a luxury space and doesn’t take much advantage of it: “I don’t understand anything about it, because I don’t cook, nor do I want to learn to cook.”

She also showed the great room, saying, “This is where we have parties, where we sit and watch TV and where all the ‘drama’ happens.”

Features of Sofia Vergara’s house

* 14-seat dining room, with luxury china and china fixtures and fittings.
* Spacious kitchen, with first-class equipment, kitchen island and lots of light.
* Family room, with comfortable furniture, entertainment elements all around, large TV screen and personalised details.
* The living room or formal lounge with good comfort and direct access to the garden and back patios.
* Good sized swimming pool, with chairs to enjoy the sun, as well as sculptures and elements that give the feeling of being in a European hotel.
* Backyard with a variety of vegetation. There is also a large dining room, 16 seats and another comfortable room.
* Several guest rooms on the first floor, overlooking the pool and also connected to the central area of the house.

Master bedroom, large and spacious, with an impeccable bed dressed in white and four golden posts. The room also has a fireplace purchased at Waldord Astoria in New York, the space is bright, has a large screen and a small living room, classic white furniture.

Master bathroom with modern design bathtub that overlooks the courtyard, is illuminated by luxury chandeliers and a combination of black and white.

She has a wardrobe with a special design, and it has several shelves for purses, shoes, accessories, clothes of all kinds and for all occasions, perfumes, antiques for ambience, flowers and family photos.


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