Sladana Milosevic Husband: Was The Singer Married?

Sladana Milosevic was a renowned singer, known for her captivating voice and powerful performances with her husband details private.

Her musical talents and sex symbols captivated audiences worldwide and made her popular.

Today, she’s a beloved icon in the entertainment industry

However, amidst all success, many have wondered about the personal life of this talented artist.

In particular, the question that has been on the minds of many is whether or not Sladana Milosevic has a husband. 

Early Life

Sladana Milosevic was born in 1955 and died March 26 2024 at the age of 68.

She started classical music education at the age of five, playing piano violin. 

Also, at the age of twelve she became a singer and bass guitarist in a rock and roll school band.

Sladana played bass guitar in several bands, including one of the lineups of Džentlmeni as a teen.

During early and mid-1970s she did recording with the Radio Television Belgrade Orchestra and Saša Subota’s Orchestra.

She also performed with the disco group Zdravo, sladana started her solo career in 1977 with the single “Au-au”. 

All of these happened before Sladana Milosevic met her lovely husband.

Career Success

She was a Serbian writer, songwriter, singer and record producer. 

Her original name is Aleksandra Milošević and she’s a native of Belgrade Serbia.

Also, she writes across various genres such as Rocknew wave, pop rock, synth-pop, jazz, classical music, experimental music, hard rock and heavy metal.

Sladana uses vocals, guitar, piano keyboards and violin to sing.

Furthermore, her erotic pictures brought her great media attention. In 1979 she released her debut album, Gorim od želje da ubijem noć

During early and mid-1980s she was one of the most famous female vocalists and one of the sex symbols of the Yugoslav rock scene. 

With her undeniable talent and passion for music, Sladana Milosevic continues to make a significant impact to her husband and in the industry.

Sladana Milosevic husband

Sladana reported four years ago of a fierce assault in her home by her partner.

The report was about her partner beating her up in their home in Serbia. According to Serbian Media,

“There was a verbal argument between them, he allegedly pushed her roughly while she was in the toilet, she fell on the toilet bowl and the washing machine.

She was holding his phone, which he picked up, pushed it again and it fell over the bathtub, luckily it did not fall into it,” said the source”

After the assault, the singer was rushed to the hospital by the emergency center and light bruises were observed.

One important aspect of Sladana Milosevic’s personal life that has garnered interest from her fans and followers is her marital status. 

Over the years, Sladana Milosevic has managed to keep her private life relatively private, and information about her husband remains undisclosed. 


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