Silvina Luna cause of death: What happened to the model?

Silvina Luna, an ex-model and actress, died as a result of complications from plastic surgery.
Luna, 43, died Thursday following a lengthy stay at Buenos Aires’ Hospital Italiano. She had long suffered from health issues that began after cosmetic surgery in 2010. Whilst we learn about Silvina Luna cause of death, let throw little light on who she was until her death.

Who was Silvina Luna?

Silvina Luna was a model, actress, and vedette from Argentina. On June 21, 1980, she was born in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. She started her career as a model, appearing in advertisements and magazines. She appeared on the reality show Big Brother 2 in 2001, where she became a big figure in Argentina.

Luna went on to work as a model and actor after Big Brother. She starred in a number of television episodes and films, including El vagoneta en el mundo del cine (2003) and SiNcRoNa (2014). She has also hosted a number of television series, including Animales sueltos (2012–2013).

Silvina Luna cause of death.

After years of health concerns due to plastic surgery, a popular former actress, model, and TV presenter died in Argentina. However, her cause of death is as a result of unsuccessful cosmetic surgeries back in 2010 which resulted in kidney failure.

Silvina Luna, 43, died on Thursday (August 31) after a lengthy stay in Buenos Aires’ Hospital Italiano. Her attorney, Fernando Burlando, verified her death.

The lawyer later revealed that family members opted to remove her from life support after physicians told them she needed to be intubated again.

The passing of Luna at such a young age is shocking, but not unexpected. She had been in and out of hospitals for several years because of severe health problems.

Moreover, almost all of her health problems resulted from the injection of an unsafe substance to her body during cosmetic surgery performed years ago by Anbal Lotocki, a widely blamed doctor who is facing malpractice charges.

Luna, a former TV presenter and reality TV personality, needed a kidney transplant and had to go through three four-hour dialysis sessions every week just to survive.

What happened to Silvina Luna?

Luna had cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of her buttocks in 2011. However, the surgery went poorly, and she had kidney difficulties as a result. She endured many procedures in an attempt to correct the condition, but she was never entirely recovered.

Luna died at the age of 43 on August 31, 2023. She died while waiting for a kidney transplant in Italy.

However, Luna’s death was heartbreaking, and her story serves as a reminder of the risks of cosmetic surgery. She was a talented and kind woman whose life was cut short by a preventable medical blunder.

Luna was in the hospital for 79 days. On June 13, she was brought to the Almagro hospital with hypercalcaemia, which had resulted in severe renal failure. Her immune system has also been hampered by complications from a Covid-19 diagnosis. All these contributed to Silvina Luna cause of death.

Moreover, at the time of her death, medical professionals were also looking for a plan to battle a bacteria that was preventing kidney transplants from taking place.



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