Sean Martin cause of death: How did the ‘Night Cafe’ lead singer die?

English singer, Sean Martin, has suddenly passed away, his band, The Night Cafe, announced. He was 26. The cause of death of Sean Martin has yet to be known.

On Monday, November 6, the deceased singer’s bandmates, Guitarist Josh Higgins, 26, drummer Carl Dillon, 27, and bassist Arran O’Connell, 26, broke the news in a joint statement they all released together. It is however, not known when exactly he died.

“Words can’t describe the pain we are feeling right now, we’re still struggling to process it all. We ask everyone to respect the privacy of Sean’s family and friends during this difficult time,” part of the post made on Instagram by the bandmates reads.

The statement continued that: “Sean was not just our band mate, he was our childhood best friend that we shared so many memories with before the band even started.

“We made so many more memories along the way and achieved things we only dreamt of that we will cherish forever.

“His memory will live on forever in our hearts and through the music he put out into the world for you all.”

Fans of the late The Night Cafe lead singer have since started mourning him by paying tributes to him on various social media platforms.

Night Cafe lead singer, Sean Martin cause of death

In the statement that Martin’s bandmates released, the cause of death of the singer has not been stated. The band failed to disclose what caused the sudden demise of their lead singer.

The singer’s family too has not disclosed information regarding how their relative passed away. will however, update you on that whenever we have a new information from the family, bandmates or from sources close to the Sean Martin’s family or the singer himself.

Martin found the Indie-rock band which is based in Liverpool, together with Josh Higgins, Carl Dillon, Arran O’Connell. They were all best friends since childhood, and continued to be best friends until Martin’s demise on Monday.

Martin was known for his soulful vocals, melodic song writing, and charismatic stage presence. The band released their debut EP, Get Away From The Feeling, in 2017, followed by their debut album, 0151, in 2019. They toured extensively throughout the UK and Europe, gaining a large number of followers.



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