Saratu Gidado Cause Of Death: Here’s What To Know

The famous Kannywood actress, Saratu Gidado who is also popularly known as Daso, is dead and her cause of death we’ll discuss as we progress.

Sadly, her colleagues are saying prayers for Saratu and paying tributes to the movie star on social media.

Daso is famous for her comedy roles in the Hausa film industry (Kannywood), which is  Northern Nigeria base.

In this article, we’ll talk about Saratu Gidado early Life, career Success and limitations.

Also, we we’ll look at her cause of death and other details you may be looking for.

Kindly seat tight as we delve into the life journey of our beloved Daso in this post.

Early Life

Daso was born on January 17, 1968 in Gombe State, Nigeria.

She went to Kano where she had her basic education and live until her career in acting.

Saratu Gidado was a secondary school teacher before she started with her career in the film industry.

She has been in the film industry for over two decades and known for her comic and antagonist roles in acting 

It’s so unfortunate we have to write about the cause of death of this film star, Saratu Gidado.

Saratu Gidado Career Achievement

Daso is a prominent figure in the Hausa film industry for 20 years, and fans are in  shock over her cause of death.

Her performance and versatility endeared her to audiences across the Northern region. 

Morealso, before her career in Hausa film industry, Saratu served as a dedicated school teacher.

Despite her success in the film industry for her comic roles, She was a loving wife and mother. 

Interestingly, as one of the pioneers of the Hausa movie industry, Saratu was known for her maternal roles on the screen.

Saratu Gidado Cause Of Death

The information of Saratu’s death was confirmed yesterday by a Kano-base private  station.

However, the cause of her death was still unclear at the time of filing this report by the Amincci reporters.

Sadly, fans and colleagues have been sending their tributes to the family of the Kennywood actress, Saratu.

Sadly, Saratu Gidado died at the age of 56, she died in her sleep on Tuesday morning in Kano State, Nigeria. 

In a statement by Kennywood board head in Kano state El-Mustapha, he described her death as a great loss to the entire Muslim ummah, her family and colleagues.

Morealso, he said “she died in her sleep after taking her pre-dawn meal (Sahoor) for fast on the final day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan ”.

Lastly, he said, 

“May the Almighty Allah forgive all her shortcomings and Jannat ul Firdaus be her final abode.”

Her burial took place that same Tuesday evening according to Islamic religion.


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