Who are Sarah-Ann Shaw Children?

Sarah-Ann Shaw was the first African American Television Reporter with screaming portfolios, but does she have children?

Well, in the article, we will look into the life of this famous reporter to ascertain her early life, career success and family life.

Sarah is an inspiration to many African American as she pulled a heavy weight in 1969 in WBZ-TV.

Rumor has it that Sarah-Ann Shaw is a great grandmother with two grandchildren, below is a brief biography of this icon.

Early Life 

Sarah-Ann Shaw was born in Roxbury Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America on November 6,1933.

She attended William P. Boardman Elementary School and Henry Lee Higginson Elementary School.

Norris King Jr. Her father was an active member in the Roxbury Democratic Club.

While her mother, Annie Bell Bomar King, was part of the distinguished civil rights activities of  Melnea Cass.

Sarah-Ann Shaw also trained her daughter to fund young children in the community and this is evident in Klares life.

Also, she was associated with the NAACP Youth Movement in Girls Latin School and got admission into Boston University in 1952.

Career Success

In 1960, Shaw became a member of Boston Action Group and St. Mark’s Social Center.

Also, she served as the director of Boston Northern Student Movement, she supported welfare programs and voters education.

Interestingly, she oversaw Community Health Education Program at the Ecumenical Center

In 1968, Shaw made her First Television Show as a public affair broadcast, this opened the door for more successes.

Furthermore, In 1969, she was employed by WBZ-TV as the first female African American Television Reporter.

Does Sarah-ann Shaw have children?, Let’s take a look.

Sarah-Ann Shaw Children

Sarah-Ann Shaw has seven children in Klare E. Shaw who took after her beauty and expressiveness .

Also, her daughter took after her heart for the people, she’s the leader of the commonwealth cultural community.

More also, her involvement in the community funding gave her the leverage to become Executive Director of the Boston Globe Foundation (1999).

Shaw is a proud mother of one beautiful daughter, two grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Overall, Shaw has a legacy that stands tall, Klare will continue from where her mom stopped to move the ministry of community service forward.

It’s with deep condolence we reach out to Klare, encouraging her to hold up strong in a time like this.

Continue to rest in peace Shaw, we will always love and cherish your memories.


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