Ryan Haywood: Biography, career, controversy and net worth

Ryan Haywood, a well known journalist, voice actor, host, and content creator was born on December 6, 1980, in Columbus, Georgia, in the United States.

He is very popular for his association with the renowned American video production firm, Rooster Teeth.

Ryan’s involvement in Achievement Hunter, one of Rooster Teeth’s most important divisions, was the main emphasis of his job duties there. He filmed, co-hosted, and actively contributed to the creation of material in this role.

He has made significant contributions to the company, but he has also received some unfavourable publicity, particularly, after leaving Rooster Teeth.

Early Life

Ryan Haywood was born on December 6, 1980, in Columbus, Georgia, in the United States. He was a product of the union between Debbie Hoover and David Edwards.

Ray Haywood is the youngest child in his family with Tanya Edwards, a sister, and Ryan Edwards, a brother.

Haywood grew up in Columbus, Georgia. There he stayed with his family.

In high school, Ryan was very active, He pursued a modelling career, and his efforts paid off when he was hired as a professional male model and appeared in Twist, a very popular magazine.

Ryan balanced his professional and academic obligations while managing his modelling career. He also worked as a pool cleaner.

Haywood, surely gained motivation from his siblings’ hard work and commitment as he started on his route in life. This is because as the youngest, he witnessed his siblings’ successes.

The American content developer worked for the Rooster Teeth entertainment firm and later switched to content development.

At the beginning of his career, Haywood worked as a software engineer.

Sooner or later, he became very popular for his work on the company’s Achievement Hunter division.

The division creates gaming-related content. When Haywood joined Achievement Hunter in 2011.

In a shocking twist of events, Rooster Teeth, in October 2020 announced Haywood’s exit from the organization.

Soon after, he was hit with charges of wrongdoing, including extramarital affairs and sending offensive messages to followers.

Haywood had expressed regret for his actions. According to him, he had made mistakes.

Ryan Haywood Education

Ryan Haywood attended many schools to further his education.

He enrolled in a degree program at Georgia Tech University to begin his academic career. Later, to finish his studies, he transferred to Georgia Southern University.

Ryan Haywood left the United States after completing his studies.
He headed to Europe to pursue his academic goals.
His interest in both the arts and technology is evident in his pursuit of degrees in both computer animation and theatre.


Early in 2011, Ryan moved to Corpus Christi, Texas, and through a Craigslist ad, he learned about a job opening at Rooster Teeth.

He started as the primary video producer and editor for GameSprout, the company’s YouTube channel, which has over 4 million subscribers today.

Ryan was good at what he does, he gradually grew to be a full-time employee of the RT Studio.
This necessitated a permanent relocation to Texas.

Ryan’s duties at Rooster Teeth grew over time, and he became a very popular YouTube celebrity. He started as a co-host at the business’s subsidiary, Achievement Hunter, and in April 2015, he rose to the position of principal host.

Ryan presented a variety of shows, the include Let’s Play Live: The Documentary (2015), On the Spot (2014–2016), Theatre Mode (2016–2017), and Off-Topic.
Off-Topic became Ryan’s main contribution to Rooster Teeth, and he made an appearance in 100 episodes.

Ryan took part in various Rooster Teeth productions and TV shows in addition to hosting.


In October 2020, Ryan Haywood was accused of misconduct online in October 2020.

An unidentified woman had claimed that Haywood started having canal knowledge of her when she was just seventeen years old.

Later, a Reddit user created a spreadsheet that listed additional accusations against Haywood, including claims that he had asked teenage girls for sexual favours while in a position of authority.

A couple of the charges date back to 2004, but the majority occurred between 2016 and 2019.

A certain victim described Haywood as a cunning predator who routinely exploited power relationships to have sex with children.

In reaction to the allegations, Haywood acknowledged his faults.

He said he was quitting Rooster Teeth to concentrate on mending his personal and family relationships. He made no more mention of the specific claims.

Many members of the Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth staff have distanced themselves from Haywood’s tarnished reputation.

The situation worsened when the Red vs. Blue project’s release was postponed.
It was postponed so that Haywood’s dialogue could be redone.

Despite acknowledging that it would be difficult, co-founders Michael Jones and Jack Pattillo were willing to take their chances.

They erased all references to Haywood from their work.

Also, after intense community outcry, Twitch permanently removed Haywood from its site in response to the claims.

Haywood made attempts to re-enter the forum in the early months of 2021, but it is unknown if he was successful.

Personal Life

Despite his growing popularity and fame, Ryan Haywood is well known for being a private person.

He is rumoured to be married to Dr Laurie Higginbotham, but, it is well known that they have two kids together.

Ryan has avoided talking about his family in the media. It is known that Ryan and Laurie are still a couple and continue to live together despite his silence regarding private affairs.

Net Worth

Ryan has an estimated net worth of $1 million.


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