Who is Bluestriiip, the popular Tiktok rapper?

If you’re a follower or have been watching rap freestyles by Bluestriiip on TikTok, you’ll get an insight into the struggles some rappers go through to get discovered and signed to record labels.

Getting signed to a record label can be difficult for emerging or underground rappers. This is simply because of their lack of popularity. And because they are not popular, their songs don’t travel far to catch the attention of the masses, including music executives.

Popular rappers such as Drake and 50 Cent, all got their first record deals after freestyling to Lil Wayne and Dr Dre respectively. In this article, however, we’ll discuss Bluestriiip, the rapper who is doing what Drake, 50 Cent and many others did to get their first record deal.

So, who is Bluestriiip?

Bluestriiip is an underground rapper who has been gaining popularity on TikTok for his freestyle raps. He mostly rap to mainstream rappers whenever and wherever he meets them.


Rapping To Post Malone 🙏🏽 #PostMalone #Bluestriiip #xyzbca #Trending #fyp #Viral #Explore #Exploremore #global #rap #atlanta

♬ original sound – BLUESTRIIIP

He is known for his quick wit and clever wordplay. Some of his videos have been viewed millions of times, while others garnered hundreds of thousands of views.

Information about the rapper remain scanty. He has also not said much about himself on his social media handles.

Bluestriiip songs

Bluestriiip has a number of songs under his belt. He uploads his songs to Spotify for streaming. He’s a verified artist on the platform with some 877 monthly listeners.

Some of his songs include:

  • Bluestriiip vs Atlanta (most streamed on Spotify)
  • Can’t fold
  • Tweak Mode
  • Man in the Mirror
  • Hell Raiser
  • Fade Away
  • Now
  • Walk Dat MF

Where is Bluestriiip from?

The Can’t Fold crooner is from Atlanta, Georgia.

What is Bluestriiip’s age?

The age of the rapper is not known as his date of birth is unavailable. We’ll keep you updated as soon as this information becomes available.

But looking at him, one can say he’s in his mid or late 20s.


Mainstream rappers Bluestriiip has freestyled to

The rapper has so far performed rap freestyle for:

  • Post Malone
  • Yo Gotti
  • Finesse
  • TrapBoy Freddy
  • OMB Peezy
  • YungMal
  • Big Boogie

Does Bluestriiip have a girlfriend?

We can’t tell right now if the rapper is dating or married. But he’s a grown up, so it could be that he has a sweetheart.

Bluestriiip social media handles

The rapper boasts of over 230,000 followers on Instagram and TikTok. On YouTube, he has some 15,700 subscribers with over 1.8 million total views.

His handles:

  • Instagram: bluestriiip
  • TikTok: @bluestriiip_
  • YouTube: Bluestriiip Official

Source: TimeGist.com


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