Rafael Nadal: All you need to know about the ‘King of Clay’

Rafael Nadal without doubt is one of the most talented tennis players of his generation surpassing Djokovic and Federer.

He has won 22 Grand Slams so far.

Not just that, his 81 consecutive wins on a single surface have earned him the nickname “The King of Clay”.

Recently, Nadal received the Sportsmanship Award and five ATP Player of the Year awards.

He was also named the ITF World Champion five times and won the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year twice.

From his career earnings including endorsements Nadal have amassed a whopping $500 million

Ever since he was 8 years old, Nadal has been a champion winning the under-12 tennis championships.

He also demonstrated a great deal of talent playing football.

Professional Career

Young Nadal had great potentials and in little or no time the Spanish Tennis Federation saw that potential.

They offered him the opportunity to move to Barcelona and leave his hometown of Mallorca. But Nadal’s father did not want his son to be raised in another country.

He quickly covered all the costs of training so he could stay in the beautiful island.

Nadal began his professional career at 15 years old and slowly he kept on climbing up the ranks.

He won the first ATP title in 2003 and meeting with Federer for the first time, although Nadal was victorious in their first encounter, a career-long rivalry between both competitors began.

Such great talents attracts endorsements. Nadal has had a good relationship with Kia Motors who have sponsored him since 2006.

Later he was also sponsored by Nike, Lanvin, Quely, Emporio Armani, and PokerStars.

Nadal Net Worth

According to the ATP, Nadal has made more than $134.6 Million just from tournaments alone.
However, his total earnings including endorsements have him at a net worth of over $500 million.


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