Olaiya Igwe, Has Pleaded With Nigerians over His Actions During The 2023 Election Campaign

Who is Olaiya Igwe?

Olaiya Igwe is a Nigerian actor, filmmaker, and comedian. He has been active in the Nigerian movie industry, often referred to as Nollywood, for many years. Igwe is known for his roles in numerous Nigerian films, particularly in the comedy genre. His contributions have helped shape and popularize Nollywood both locally and internationally.

Personal Life

Olaiya Igwe, whose full name is Ebun Oloyede, was born on December 20, 1961, in Oyo State, Nigeria. He hails from the Yoruba ethnic group. Igwe began his acting career in the early 1990s and quickly gained recognition for his comedic roles. He has appeared in numerous Nigerian movies, often portraying comic characters with unique flair. Igwe is known for his distinctive voice and humorous delivery. He has also ventured into movie production and directing. Beyond his entertainment career, Igwe keeps much of his personal life private. He is known to maintain a low profile outside of his work commitments. Igwe is respected within the Nigerian entertainment industry for his talent and contributions. He continues to be active in Nollywood, participating in various projects and contributing to the growth of the industry. Igwe’s influence extends beyond the screen, as he is admired by fans for his comedic talent and dedication to his craft.

Actions during the Election Campaign

In a video posted on his YouTube channel titled “An Apology to All My Fans,” the actor addressed the public outcry against him, urging Nigerians to refrain from cursing him for the current economic challenges attributed to Tinubu’s policies.

Olaiya disclosed that he had faced significant criticism after publicly praying for Tinubu’s success in the previous year’s elections, a gesture which he undertook in the nude.

He defended his actions during the campaign, citing a purported divine revelation he received regarding Tinubu.

Acknowledging the disappointment felt by citizens towards the Tinubu administration, the actor expressed understanding towards those who had directed insults at him. Olaiya clarified that his unconventional prayer at the beach was a form of gratitude towards Tinubu, whom he regarded as his benefactor.

He appealed to Nigerians not to harbor resentment towards him, acknowledging the perception that his actions may have influenced some voters during the election.

The actor offered a heartfelt apology, expressing remorse if his beach prayer had inadvertently contributed to the electorate’s decision.

The actor offered a heartfelt apology, expressing remorse if his beach prayer had inadvertently contributed to the electorate’s decision.

He concluded by asking for forgiveness and understanding from the public, emphasizing his regret over any unintended consequences his actions may have had.

“I went to the beach unclothed to offer prayers for Tinubu, guided by divine inspiration,” Olaiya explained. “It was my way of showing gratitude to Tinubu, who has been a benefactor to me. Nigerians, I implore you not to harbor resentment towards me. I understand that some perceive me as contributing to the hardships our country faces. I accept that responsibility. If you believe that my beach prayer influenced your voting decision for Tinubu, I sincerely apologize.”

The actor also urged Tinubu to fulfill his campaign promises to the Nigerian people. “If you (Tinubu) fail in your responsibilities, the curses directed at me will also fall upon you,” he emphasized. “If things had improved in the country since Tinubu took office, the insults and curses aimed at me would have ceased. Nigerians, both at home and abroad, are discontented with the current state of affairs. I appeal to Tinubu, our father, to address the grievances of Nigerians. They are suffering, their expectations remain unmet.”

Olaiya stressed the need for Tinubu to appoint a monitoring team to ensure the implementation of his plans and promises to the citizens. His remarks follow recent expressions of dissatisfaction with Nigeria’s situation by Kwam 1, a prominent supporter of the former Lagos governor.


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