Nicki Nicole confirms the end of her relationship with Peso Pluma, see why

While many bask in the euphoria of the Valentine’s season, the same cannot be said about Nicki Nicole and Peso Pluma as their romance comes to an abrupt end.

The split was confirmed on Tuesday by the Argentine singer, who announced that her relationship with the Mexican is now history.

Just two days prior, they were seen together at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, attending NFL Super Bowl LVIII between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

Nicki took to her Instagram account, posting a message in one of her stories.

“Respect is an essential aspect of love. You love what you respect, and you take care of what you respect. If you’re not cared for, and if there’s no respect… I won’t stick around. I’m leaving. It pains me to share this news, but thank you for the love you’re sending,” she posted on Instagram.

The break up

Speculation of a possible breakup began after the Super Bowl, where Peso Pluma was seen at a Las Vegas casino holding hands with a woman who clearly wasn’t Nicki Nicole.

Nicki, angered by this, deleted all photos of them together from her Instagram.

Nicki’s message served to quell rumors and put an end to the speculation surrounding their short-lived romance, barely lasting three months.

Their relationship began with controversy.

Nicole had likened Peso Pluma to a dog in an interview when they first started dating in October 2023.

Despite the unfortunate comparison, Peso Pluma defended Nicki from criticism.

He even urged people to respect their privacy and remember that they are human beings with feelings.

Following a holiday season spent in Argentina with Nicki’s family and attending the 66th Grammy Awards on February 4 in Los Angeles, where they appeared happy and without any indication of an impending breakup, the crash of their relationship came as a surprise to many.


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