Nicki Nicole and Peso Pluma: See what Sahar Sonia has to say

The relationship between Nicki Nicole and Peso Pluma came to a sudden end on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

This unforeseen breakup trailed a leaked video of ‘Double P’ with a woman in Las Vegas.

That woman was later identified to be influencer Sahar Sonia.

The social media went agog as netizens aired their minds about what they described as infidelity of the Mexican singer, especially after the reaction of Nicki Nicole herself.

It appears she also found out through the leak and sent a message in which she highlighted respect as something fundamental in love.

However, in a recent development, the model, who has seen a jump in Instagram followers posted a defense in her stories following the criticism she received.

After her defense, she closed her account for a few hours. However, she later reinstated it and now has more than 48,000 followers.

“Don’t believe everything you hear in the media. There’s always 2 sides to a story,” posted Sahar Sonia in a brief story, without giving more details or clarifying if she was referring to the controversy.

Nicki’s reaction

After watching the Peso Pluma video with influencer Sahar Sonia in Las Vegas, Argentine singer Nicki Nicole immediately confirmed that her relationship with the Mexican has ended.

Through her Instagram account, Nicki Nicole wrote the following message in one of her stories: “Respect is a necessary part of love. What you love, you respect. What you respect, you take care of.
When you are not taken care of and when there is no respect… I’m not staying there. I am leaving.
It is with great sorrow that I found out the same way you did, thank you for the love you are sending me”.


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