Nicki Minaj, Burna Boy remix: See what people have to say

Famous rapper and singer Nicki Minaj, has gotten the tongues wagging after she released a snippet of her new single remix featuring self-proclaimed African Gaint, Burna Boy.

This occurred a few days after Killer Mike defeated the Queen of Rap in the Best Rap Song category at the 66th Grammy Awards.

At the Grammys, Nicki was declared winner in error.

Nicki Minaj released a sneak peek of the Burna Boy-featured remix of the song “Tested Approved and Trusted” on her Instagram page.

The song is originally featured in Burna Boy’s album ‘I Told Them.’

In the song, Burna Boy bragged about his skills as an artiste and how women are drawn to him when he’s around.

Minaj shared a snippet of her rap lines on her Instagram page while the song jammed in the background.

What people are saying

This upcoming collaboration will be the first time Minaj and the African Giant work together. However, there is no release date or confirmation from Burna Boy yet.

The snippet has put Queen of Rap on the headlines in the music industry, and has left her name in the lips of many.

It has sparked a wave of responses from both the Nigerian artist and her American fan base.

To some, it is a common practice for European musicians to use African talent to advance their careers.

A social media user, oilmoneyofficial wrote, “Well done Burnaboy for helping her career again.”

Another, samvail__ opined, “Everyone needs an African flavor to be relevant again! We know una strategy make una no worry !”

chris__pills_ stated, “Burna is who he say he is and I f*ck with his sound forever. Heavy tone taste for good music. 🫶🥂.”

ayam_kelvin13 wrote, “Burna boy can just help you win that Grammy you never won.”

___bundle___ opined, “So the almighty Minaj don finally dey roll with African artist what an iron.”

iam_karl3x added, “This is truly Epic .Burna taking Afrobeats to tremendous heights never Seen.Everyone jumping on the Afro Rave.”


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