Monica McNutt husband: Who is the broadcaster married to?

Monica McNutt is a well-known figure in the world of basketball, and due to her popularity, many people developed the interest of knowing who her husband is. In today’s piece, we’ve however, covered that in detail. But before that, it will be good to have an insight into the life of the former basketball player.

So, who is Monica McNutt?

Monica McNutt currently works for ESPN as a basketball analyst, having played basketball in both high school and college.

She was born on October 24, 1989, in Suitland, Maryland. She was also brought up in the same suburb which is in Prince George’s County. McNutt’s parents are Kevin and Desiree McNutt.

The 33-year-old basketball commentator started playing basketball as a high school student in Academy of the Holy Cross, Bethesda. After graduating from high school, McNutt proceeded to Georgetown University where she continued to play hoops.

However, McNutt did not pursue basketball after college. It is mostly expected that players from college will pursue the sport as a profession. However, that was never the case when it comes to McNutt.

Rumors had it that either her husband or boyfriend influenced her to not pursue a career in basketball, but these rumors remain unverified as Monica McNutt was not known to be in a relationship at the time.

Since her resolve to stop playing basketball, she enrolled at the University of Maryland. In 2013, she graduated with a masters’ degree in Broadcast Journalism. According to her, in an interview a few months ago, she decided to pursue a career in broadcasting after attending a seminar where the speaker spoke about professional development.

Speaking to Vinciane Ngomsi of Boardroom, the media practitioner said: “Something clicked for me as we were preparing and I remember telling my principal at the time, You know, I appreciate this opportunity so much, but this professional development day has reminded me that if you’re going to be something in your field, you have to start. Instead of operating on this borrowed time because it’s convenient, I want to go and put my all efforts into moving into my field so that maybe one day, I would be leading my own professional development seminar in media.” McNutt gave this response when asked to talk about how she transitioned from a basketball player to media practitioner.

Monica McNutt husband

McNutt is one of those that keeps their private life away from the public. But information that is publicly available has it that, McNutt has been dating one Chuck Adams. However, we cannot tell if they tied the knot or not.

Chuck Adams is a US resident, and has been in relationship with the broadcaster for a very long time, according to sources.


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