Miss America 2024: Meet the contestants

As the 2024 Miss America competition draws near leaving the entertainment community in high anxiety for an exciting showcase of beauty, talent, and intelligence.

Let’s get acquainted with the diverse and accomplished contestants who will battling for the crown.

The pageant, renowned for celebrating strong, confident women, has drawn an impressive lineup from various backgrounds and professions.

Who is eligible for Miss America

Just like every other pageant show, contestants must meet certain requirements to be eligible for Miss America.

Generally, participants must be citizens of the United States, unmarried, and aged between 18 and 28.

And also, they should possess qualities that align with the pageant’s values, such as intelligence, leadership, and a commitment to community service.

Meet the contestants

Now, let’s dive into the list of remarkable women competing for the Miss America 2024 crown:

Sabrina Lewis – California

Lewis’ chosen community service initiative involves equine therapy. It utilizes horses to help improve the mental health of people.

Amelia Collins – New York

Collins’ chosen community service initiative involves women’s healthcare. She is promoting women’s healthcare as an entitled right across the board.

Ellie Breaux – Texas

Breaux is focusing on law enforcement with her chosen community service initiative. She will be representing ‘cops in the communities’

Juliette Valle – Florida

Valle takes a medical focus with her chosen community service initiative. She is working to raise awareness for the power of chronic kidney disease prevention.

Tara Schiphof – Georgia

Schiphof has chosen ‘yes you can’ as her community service initiative.
These are just a few glimpses of the incredible women competing in this year’s Miss America pageant.

Each of these contestant brings a unique story, passion, and purpose to the stage, spiced with suspense, the competition will not only showcase beauty but also, it will be a celebration of empowered women making a difference in their communities.

There are high anticipation for this year’s Miss America.
As it unfolds, audiences anticipate a display of talent, grace, and the embodiment of the diverse aspirations that define the modern American woman.

The big question is, who among this women will wear the prestigious Miss America crown?


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