Meet Zubear Abdi, aka Zvbear, the man allegedly behind AI images of Taylor Swift

After facing severe backlash from social media users, ‘Zvbear‘, the name behind the account allegedly responsible for sharing explicit AI-generated images of Taylor Swift, had no choice but to make their ‘X’ account private.

The move likely brought more attention than they were anticipating, with legions of ‘Swifties’ and social media bystanders mass reporting the account.

As a matter of fact, there are indications that Taylor Swift’s camp is even considering legal action against the man responsible.

According to reports, the man behind the account @Zvbear admitted to creating many of the controversial images. They have since set their account, which has 83K followers, to private.

Who is Zvbear

The man behind the account, Zvbear is said to be a Somalian national residing in Ontario, Canada.
Named Zubear Abdi, he is 27-years-old and known for posting risqué content on platforms like 4chan, ‘X’ and Reddit.

It is also gathered that he is an alumn of the University of Toronto Scarborough.

Ever since the incident involving the Taylor Swift images, the account has lost a few thousand followers.

As at the time of publishing this report, the account is still active but set to private. At the heart of the scandal is Celeb Jihad, a website dedicated to manufacturing deepfake pornographic images of celebrities.

As the drama continues to unfold, fans and entertainment lovers wait in anxiety to witness Taylor Swift’s moves.


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