Madison Marsh: 5 Things you never knew about the new Miss America

On Sunday, the world witnessed the crowning of the new Miss America, Madison Marsh, from Colorado, among a total of 51 contestants, representing the 50 states of the United States and the District of Columbia.

According to the official website, the Miss America is more than a title, beneath the crown lies a movement that empowers young women around the world.

They are inspired to dream big, insist that their voices be heard and inspire change in the world around them.

On Sunday, Madison Marsh, was crowned by former Miss America, Grace Stanke.

Marsh defeated Texas representative Ellie Breaux to wear the crown.
Ellie finished as first runner-up, while the second, third and fourth finalists were Cydney Bridges, from Indiana, Mallory Hudson, from Kentucky, and Caroline Parente, from Rhode Island, respectively.

About Madison Marsh, the new Miss America

Beauty, is just one of the many attributes of the young woman from Colorado.
There are several other things many people do not know about her.

She is the first active-duty Air Force officer to win

For the first time in the pageant’s more than 100-year history, an active-duty military service member won the crown. Madison is a second lieutenant.

Marsh has a charity in honor of her mother

The new Miss America continues to dedicate her time to fighting pancreatic cancer after losing her mother to the disease in 2018.

She is studying for a master’s degree in public policy

The 22-year-old earned a Truman National Scholarship and is pursuing a master’s degree in Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School.

She is a black belt in taekwondo

Madison enjoys martial arts and in her spare time she often practices them.
She is a certified private pilot and an award-winning Air Force career pilot.
One of the hobbies the new Miss America enjoys most is flying through the air.


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