Here’s What To Know About Lorenzo Palomo Wife

13th April is the worst day of Lorenzo Palomo wife life as she lost her beloved at the age of 86.

It’s saddening how this composer passed on in Madrid Spain, leaving his legacy and family moaning his demise.

He composed so many songs and sometimes sang with just harp instead of piano. Yeah, he’s that good.

Interestingly, around 2010 Lorenzo became a knight into the Order of Isabella the Catholic by King Juan Carlos I of Spain because of his disseminating work in the culture of Spain worldwide through music.

Early life

Palomo studied piano alongside harmony at the Córdoba Conservatory. Later, he entered the Barcelona Superior Conservatory of Music at 20-years-old.

In the Conservatory, he studied composition with Joaquín Zamacois and piano with Sofía Puche de Mendlewicz. 

Amazingly, the young talent studied orchestra with Boris Goldovsky in New York after he was awarded the Juan March Foundation grant .

Lorenzo was born March 10, 1938 at Ciudad Real/Spain, shortly after he was born, his  family moved to Pozoblanco.

Although they left after a couple of years and went to live in Córdoba (Spain), where the composer spent his youth. 

It’s sad that Lorenzo Palomo wife is now widowed on April 13, 2024.

Career Journey

Lorenzo is the most successful Spanish composer internationally.

Also, he was the chief conductor of Valencia Orchestra between 1973 to 1976 and he represented so well adding more horn to his career.

Morealso, he was conductor and pianist of the Deutsche Oper Berlin between 1981- 2004. Most of his compositions are often based on Andalusian traditions, and were performed internationally.

Here are a few of his compositions;

  1. La leyenda del Monte Bangkay, ballet
  2. Del atardecer al alba, song cycle for voice and piano or orchestra
  3. Tientos, song for voice and piano or orchestra
  4. Plenilunio, song for voice and piano or orchestra
  5. Una primavera andaluza, song cycle setting lyrics by Juan Ramón Jiménez for voice and piano or orchestra

Lorenzo Palomo Wife 

Lorenzo is a very prominent pianist, guitarist, conductor and composer that caught the eyes of his fans.

From sneetches his early career song to the long list of playlists and albums, Paloma has proven to be Spain’s favorite.

Interestingly, Lorenzo Palomo wife details are unavailable on the net but one can tell he got lucky with marriage.

As the saying goes, behind every successful man, there’s a strong woman behind him.

As we moan about this great pianist, let’s reach out to his wife and family at large.


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