Here’s Lorenzo Palomo Cause of Death

Lorenzo Palomo was a great composer, writer, conductor and what have you, and his cause of death is still a shock to fans.

This 86-year old has a reputable career life that speaks volumes audibly in the music industry.

Importantly, alongside his great fit, Lorenzo is the best Spanish composer both locally and internationally.

In this article we’ll delve into the life journey of this great pianist and guitarist and see what his cause of death could be.

Lorenzo Palomo Early Life And Career

Born March 10, 1938 in Ciudad Real, Spain unfortunately, Lorenzo Palomo is no longer alive since April 13, 2024 and his cause of death will be discussed.

Amazingly, Lorenzo started off as a composer and conductor  and then became chief conductor valencia orchestra from 1973- 76

Morealso, he was conductor and pianist of the Deutsche Oper Berlin between 1981 to 2004, his growth was measurable. 

Oftentimes his compositions are based on Andalusian traditions, and were performed and recorded internationally.

Lorenzo Palomo Works

Interestingly,  Lorenzo Palomo has so many records and compositions in the form of songs and song circles, although, his cause of death will be discussed as we move forward, here is a list of his compositions;

  • FdB – Música para un festival, for orchestra
  • Andalusian Divertimento, piano trio
  • Concierto de Cienfuegos, for four guitars and orchestra
  • The Sneetches (Dr. Seuss’ The Sneetches)
  • Caribiana, for orchestra
  • Sinfonía Córdoba, for orchestra, 
  • Humoresca, for double bass and orchestra
  • Arabescos, for violin and orchestra
  • Cantos del alma, suite soprano, clarinet and orchestra
  • Madrigal y Cinco canciones sefardíes, song cycle for voice and guitar or piano or harp
  • Dulcinea, cantata for soprano, alto, tenor, bass, chorus and orchestra
  • Danza-Scherzo’, for oboe and piano
  • Sinfonía a Granada, for soprano, guitar and orchestra
  • Fanfarria para una noche de estío, for trombone quartet
  • Toccata, for guitar
  • Nocturno y Danza, for orchestra
  • Rebeka’s Rainbow, fong for voice and piano
  • Mi jardín solitario, song cycle for voice and guitar or piano
  • Perlas y lágrimas, for guitar
  • Fulgores, for violin, guitar and orchestra

Lorenzo Palomo Cause Of Death

Sadly, Lorenzo is a brave 86-year old who knew his compositions so well that he could play with the piano, guitar and or orchestra.

Interestingly, before his demise , he was a knight into the Order Of Isabella the Catholic in 2010.

He kept making an impact on stage even in his 80’s , as there are recordings and performances by him in 2022.

The cause of death of Lorenzo Palomo is perceived to be natural as no other information has been presented.

Lastly, natural death could be a heart failure or age related illness leading to his demise.


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