Who are Liz Cambage parents?

Liz Cambage is a professional basketball player. She plays for the Australian national team and for Sichuan Yuanda in China. Liz has enjoyed success in multiple leagues around the globe. She holds the record for the most points scored in a single game in the WNBA. In this article, I will investigate who Liz Cambage parents are.

Controversial exit from Australian national team

Cambage was removed from the women’s national team just before the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. She was removed from the team because she allegedly directed racial slurs towards the Nigerian team in a game.

Cambage has vehemently denied these allegations. However, people from both the Nigerian and Australian camps have come out to acknowledge her poor behavior.

Cambage then went on to say that she was in talks with the Nigerian team to discuss the possibility of joining them. This situation has brought a lot of interest into her background and who her parents are.

Who are Liz Cambage parents?

Liz Cambage is the daughter of a Nigerian father and Australian mother. She was born in England in 1991. The identity of her father is unknown. Her mother is called Julia Cambage. Her parents split when she was just 3 months old. Liz and her mother relocated to Australia after the split. Liz grew up in Melbourne and started playing basketball at the age of ten.

Joining Nigeria national team

It seems the Nigeria women’s basketball team does not want Liz to join their team. Promise Amukamara, Nigeria’s point guard, stated that Liz directed racial slurs towards them and that the Nigeria team was not at all interested in acquiring her services. These sentiments were echoed by Sarah Ogoke who is also a member of the Nigerian national team. Ogunade, the Vice President of the Nigeria Basketball Federation, also refuted claims that Nigeria was holding any talks to incorporate Liz. This is despite her being eligible by virtue of having one of her parents being a Nigerian.


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