Liz Cambage net worth: How much is the Aussie star worth?

Liz Cambage is a professional basketball player who plays for the Australian National Team and for Sichuan Yuanda in China. She has enjoyed success in multiple leagues around the world. Liz Cambage is the current record holder for the most points scored in a single game in the WNBA. She has also amassed considerable wealth and is reported to live a vey extravagant lifestyle. In this article we will investigate Liz Cambage net worth.

Liz Cambage net worth

Early life and career

Liz Cambage is the daughter of a Nigerian father and Australian mother. She was born in England in 1991. Her mother is Julia Cambage. Her parents split when she was just 3 months old. Liz and her mother relocated to Australia after the split. She grew up in Melbourne and started playing basketball at the age of ten to get away from bullies. She was bullied because she was taller than her peers.

Liz made her debut in the WNBL at the age of 15 while playing for Dandegon Rangers. She quickly cemented her position and even proceeded to become one of the best players in the league. Liz joined Tulsa Shock in 2011 and proceeded to excel in the WNBA. She has also played professionally in China and Europe.

Liz Cambage net worth

Liz Cambage’s net worth is estimated to be 3 million dollars. Her huge basketball contracts are the biggest contributor to this value. She also makes a lot of money from sponsored posts on her social media accounts and brand deals. Liz has a major sponsorship deal with Vitadrop.She has a huge following on social media with her Instagram account having 1 million followers.

Other ventures

Liz Cambage also generates money from being a model and a DJ. Liz performed as a DJ at the Sydney Myer Music Bowl in 2021. She also has an OnlyFans account which also contributes to Liz Cambage net worth. She charges a subscription fee of 13 dollars per month. Liz Cambage has a huge following on the platform.


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