Lily Gladstone Makes History at the 2024 Golden Globes

Who is Lily Gladstone?

Lily Gladstone is an American actress known for her roles in film and television. She gained critical acclaim for her performance in the film “Certain Women” (2016), directed by Kelly Reichardt. Additionally, she appeared in the television series “Billions” and “Winter Bone.

Personal Life

Lily Gladstone’s personal life is limited as she tends to keep her personal affairs private. She has not been extensively covered in the media regarding her personal life. Gladstone is known for her dedication to her craft and her passion for acting. She has focused primarily on her career, taking on diverse roles in film and television projects. Gladstone’s commitment to her work is evident in her performances, which have earned her critical acclaim. She has not publicly disclosed details about her relationships, family, or personal interests. Gladstone’s focus appears to be on her professional endeavors rather than maintaining a public presence in her personal life

History Making in Golden Globes

Actress Lily Gladstone secured the Golden Globe Award for “Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama” for her portrayal of Mollie Burkhart in “Killers of the Flower Moon,” directed by Martin Scorsese. Based on a true story detailed in David Grann’s book of the same title, the film delves into a lesser-known chapter of early 20th-century history, depicting the systematic poisoning of a family of Osage Indians by individuals seeking the oil beneath their land.

This remarkable achievement marked Gladstone’s inaugural Golden Globe nomination and victory, triumphing over esteemed contenders Annette Benning, Carey Mulligan, Sandra Hüller, Greta Lee, and Cailee Spaeny. Notably, aside from acclaim for her role in “Killers of the Flower Moon,” Gladstone also made history as the first Native American actress to clinch a Golden Globe, with Irene Bedard being the sole previous nominee. Her acceptance speech poignantly encapsulated the significance of this milestone in her career.

“This award is not just for me… and I hope I won’t be cut off because this is a momentous occasion… I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to speak even a few words in my language, though I’m not fluent… This win is historic, and it’s not mine alone. I hold this award now, but I share it with all the wonderful women in the film, seated at this table – including my mother, Tantoo Cardinal. I stand on the shoulders of all of you.” – Lily Gladstone

Gladstone has been active in the industry for some time. Her debut was in the 2012 film “Jimmy P: Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian.” Since then, she has showcased her talents on both stage and screen, most recently appearing as a guest star in Hulu’s critically acclaimed series “Reservation Dogs.” Her performance in “Killers” has been hailed as a standout in the film. Acting alongside heavyweights like Robert DeNiro (as William Hale) and Leonardo DiCaprio (as Ernest Burkhart) is no small feat. Variety, in their review of the film, notes, “…in many ways, this is Lily Gladstone’s film.”

Scorsese’s primary focus in the film was not on the early FBI, but rather on portraying the individuals, particularly the Osage people, impacted by the actions of Hale and Burkhart. Gladstone’s performance gains depth due to the inherent irony present in the narrative. Those familiar with the real-life events are struck by the tragic irony of witnessing Mollie Burkhart’s love for the man attempting to harm her. What could be more heart-wrenching than this?

Despite receiving seven nominations, including “Best Director – Motion Picture” and “Best Motion Picture – Drama,” the win for “Killers” at the recent awards ceremony was solely attributed to Gladstone. The film has also been nominated for 14 Critics Choice Awards and is considered a frontrunner for an Oscar. With the Oscar nominations set to be announced on January 24th, all eyes are on Gladstone to potentially make history as the first Native American woman to receive an acting nomination. Come March, the industry awaits eagerly to see if she will further make history by becoming the first Native American woman to secure an Oscar win.

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